Baby, it’s cold outside

I work on a college campus, which has led me to develop a time-tested, no-fail weather prediction algorithm: All I have to do is look outside and see how many of the dormrats are in shorts. You know — the ones where even when you’re sitting inside with a cup of hot chocolate before a roaring fire, you get goosebumps just looking at them. Have to walk six blocks from the dorm to the library? No problem! It makes me shiver just thinking about them.

But there were no shorts in sight anywhere today, even when I walked three quarters of a mile across campus to go to an appointment. That’s hardcore cold, man.

They’re saying mid-thirties on Wednesday, though, so I expect the shorts to be back out in force then. Good thing, too; I need predictability in my life now that I’m too feeble and frail to wear Birkenstocks to a 9AM lecture in January.

(Well, except that 70°F day we had a week ago, anyways.)

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