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Everyone else smelled it too.

Serena and I woke up on Sunday around 6:30. When we went out to catch the train we smelled some weird gas/diesel type smell.

It seems like everyone else did too.

The likely suspects resorted to “In case of Emergency, Blame Indiana.” but have since backed off that one — but still have no good explaination.

Time for some olfactory action days.

Hilarious “Mysterious Odor” graphic on ABC7 site.

Close, but no cigar

Lately, I seem to get nothing in the mail except notices that “Bank One is now Chase“. And the last time I was in New York, I used a Chase ATM which cheerfully told me “Hello, Bank One customer — you’re now part of Chase! Have (your own) money for free!”

So… I made an assumption. And you know what happens when you assume, don’t you?* That’s right — you’re often wrong.

Last night I mailed out the mortgage check and this morning I got on a plane for New York with my roommate’s check for his half of the mortgage in my pocket. Over lunch I walked over to my convenient Chase Banking Location and cheerfully presented that check and was cheerfully told that Bank One “still has their own databases” and that the check was, to Chase, so much scrap paper.


(And when they replace my Bank One ATM card with a Chase one, it’d better still have the Chicago skyline on it, like it did when they made the switch from 1st Chicago to Bank One five years ago.)

Heads Up

I’ve barely recovered from the weekend, and this week is already tiring. Just looking at the calendar, I’m tired. So I’m just going to give you the heads up about all these shows without getting into too much detail.

  • Yesterday’s Chic-a-Go-Go taping was tons of fun. Shonen Knife played there, so I thought I’d catch the full show tonight at the Bottom Lounge. (It seems they’ve exceeded their bandwidth this month or something, so I can’t quite find the exact time right now. How embarrassing for them… So, uh, show up and hope it doesn’t sell out. Heh.)
  • The Futureheads are playing the Double Door Tuesday night at 8pm. Tickets are $12. I’m torn between this or my usual Tuesday night Ten56 fix (why does it have to close?). Though lately the music’s sunk to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan… Yeah, I’m lookin at you, Tankboy!
  • Wednesday has the Detholz! at Empty Bottle. Fresh from their tour with Wilco, these guys are heading places. Catch them now while you still can for only $10. 9:30pm.
  • Maybe I just won’t leave Empty Bottle Wednesday night, because the BaseBall Furies will be there Thursday night. See what I mean about this week not letting up? 9:30pm, $8.
  • Here’s my Friday schedule:
    • 7pm: The Dollar Store at the Hideout. Looks like that website is down too, but it’s still good and often funny readings of stories inspired by cheap merchandise.$1 donation.
    • 9pm: The Reptoids at Sylvie’s Lounge.
    • 10pm: Sybris and the Lost Sounds at Subterranean. $10.

    I’m honestly going to each and every one of those shows if it kills me. Really. You’re free to ride along if you don’t believe me.

  • Saturday holds Walter Meego at the Beat Kitchen OR Oh My God with the Dials at Subterranean. I may still find a way to be at both. Because they haven’t fully outlawed cloning yet.

I need to rest.

Made of The Midwest

I am a Daily Show junkie. Weeknights at 10, and then a rerun for good measure at 10:30. So I was mildly irritated when Comedy Central started airing their new game show “Distraction” at 10:30. But not irritated enough to grab the remote. It was a whole 15 feet away! So I got suckered in to watching an episode.

If you haven’t seen any of the commercials for it, the premise is basically torture people while they are trying to answer simple questions. In the final round of the episode I watched, two men had to arm wrestle elderly ladies while getting tased by their very large sons. With all the current hubub about tasers, I was pretty surprised by this. The beefy young man in the lead got tased and didn’t even flinch. After the host provoked him and he was tased a couple more times in good fun, the stunned host asked him “What are you made of?” The contestant replied “The Midwest”.

People from The Midwest are truly a different breed. Anyone who has lived in a different part of the country can tell you that there is something about being raised in the bitter cold, extreme heat, killer humidity and wind form a skin that can stand just about anything.

Yay for The Midwest!

I live, sleep, eat and breathe Ten-56

Which is weird, because I’ve rarely hung out there. Now, however, I live there (literally), and spin records there two nights a week (Sundays and Wednesdays). Now here’s a great big, poorly kept secret… TEN-56 IS CLOSING. But you already knew that, right? Anyhow, you should spend these last few weeks/months (nobody knows) with Tankboy (Tuesdays) and myself, listening to music that’s too loud, watching kung-fu, and making out.

Pick 3

The convenience store near Erica’s house identifies itself in three languages (“First Foods”, “La Primera”, and something in Polish(?) I don’t remember) so we made a dinner from the snack foods of three or four cultures:

  • two frozen Stouffer’s dinners (me – turkey and mashed, Erica – Salisbury steak and corn mac and cheese)
  • Cockta – a soft drink imported from Slovenia (“caffiene and phosphoric acid free”). It was flat and the taste makes Erica gag (I thought it just tasted like flat Pepsi).
  • Plantain chips from Miami
  • Sabritones – “Authentic Mexican Chile and Lime Flavor”. (Frito-Lay’s Mexican brand Sabritas controls 81% of the snack food market there.) Tangy!

The Sun-Times thing, #2

Sun-Times, 2/25/05

That’s OK Pope, Bush and Putin scare me, too.

The Talking House


If you’re like me, you don’t drive by talking houses everyday. So when I saw this sign, I pulled over and tuned into AM1610 to find out what the house had to say.

As it turns out, 1511 N. Mohawk has a deep voice (probably on account of its brick frame) and cracks dumb jokes about how he’d love to see a couple of lesbians move in.

Oh – wait. No. That would have been a really great sales pitch. Instead, a realtor talks on and on about the cathedral this and granite that. He doesn’t even pretend to be a house.

Don’t these guys know anything about marketing?

Solomon’s Cookies

My friend Jason recently decided to follow his dreams, leave life as a chemist behind (he has a Ph.D.) and start a cookie company. I have had the privilege of following his adventures getting the company started with his brother. They survived their first holiday season and business is really beginning to take off.

The company has a wonderful story that is best explained in Jason and Adam

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you… The Modernist Society meets tonight!

If you’re free tonight, come out to The Modernist Society at Darkroom. Tonight we’ll have a performance by Tiny Hairs and guest DJ Mara Zupsich, formerly of Chicago, but now of New York….

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