Is winter over yet?

Looking at the local ten-day forecast, I see we have above freezing temperatures for the next five days. So can we just declare winter over? I know the groundhog saw his shadow and all, but frankly I’ve never known a time when he hasn’t. Couldn’t we just end winter early one year?

Apparently some people are confident enough about the end of winter that they feel they won’t need their parking placeholders anymore, so they’re selling them on ebay. (Thanks to Gapers’ Block for the link.) That, or they’re selling their neighbor’s placeholders because they’re sick of it; I know I am. I’d do something about it but I’m too chicken. For a week now, I’ve wanted to put a sign on every piece of furniture or marker in an empty spot, saying something like this:

Dear Idiot:
The snowstorm was two weeks ago. It’s melted. Now you’re just a greedy ***hole. Take your furniture inside and restore what little dignity you have left.

Someone else beat me to it, though, and were a lot more disrespectful. They described what type of person they thought the driver was on the car in what looked like shaving cream, even including pictures in case the driver couldn’t read. I won’t say what they wrote, but it rhymes with “wick.” And according to the picture, the driver must be a really big wick. I wish I had a wick that big. Because, you know, I want my candle to burn all night.

Anyway, what were we talking about again? Oh yes. The weather. It’s warm. Finally. Let’s just call it a winter, hm?

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  1. Alana Waters (unregistered) on February 4th, 2005 @ 4:46 pm


    I wonder if you could cut a side deal on a baseball bat rage set for the folks who use these contraptions. Hmm.

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