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summertime ’04


anyone remember this from last year? these clouds were above wrigley field one evening. i thought the world was going to implode.

Free Speech, but just when it is convenient

Peace activists are sticking it to the man after being jilted twice for permits to march on Michigan Ave by the City of Chicago. From the Trib

In its suit, the coalition accused city officials of denying a permit for the March 19 anti-war rally because they disapproved of “the content of the coalition’s speech.”

It noted the city each year approves a permit for the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association’s Festival of Lights Parade, a kickoff celebration to the holiday season that takes place on North Michigan Avenue.

“The city can’t be picking and choosing which free-speech messages get heard on Michigan Avenue and which ones don’t,” said Andy Thayer, a plaintiff in the case.

Apparently free speech is only banned on Michigan. Cuz no one stops the guy with the megaphone in front of the Old Navy on State.

Jet Set

I have to admit it–I love O’Hare Airport. I’m not crazy about the security protocols, but there is just something about the terminals, the rush and constant renovations that put me at ease. Seriously. Midway is too confusing. Atlanta is boring, SeaTac is dull and the Canadian airports I frequent (Edmonton and Calgary) are always empty.

There is also the hot-dog stand in the Bus Terminal that was my reintroduction to the Chicago Style Hot Dog….

Chic-A-Go-Go turns 400 with Shonen Knife

Yes, it’s true, Chicago’s dance show for kids of all ages is about to tape their 400th episode. For those of you not in the know, Chic-A -Go-Go is kind of like American Bandstand if American Bandstand booked people like Bobby Conn and was hosted by a bubbly girl and a rat. What’s even better is that anyone can attend the tapings, get all dressed up in their favorite outfit — mine is a lampshade with nothing else — and dance their little butts off on-screen alongside that episode’s musical guests.

Speaking of musical guests, did I tell you who Chic-A-Host-Host Mia Park has lined up for ep number four hundred? Shonen Knife, The Mekons, Justin Pomerleau and C.E.X. Yowza. I’d pay to see a line-up but I can’t, because it’s absolutely FREE to attend the taping! The deets? No problem:

CHIC-A-GO-GO 400!!!!!!
SUNDAY February 27 2005
CAN-TV Studio
322 S. Green Street
Chicago, IL

Be there or be square.

New from the Near North Side

Okay, hello. I

I’m never eating roast beef / tamales again

If you haven’t been to the Museum of Science and Industry to check out the traveling exhibit, Body Worlds yet, get on it! There you can discover what a repulsive, disgusting human being you are. It truly gives new meaning to the saying, “beauty is only skin deep.”

It’s Been a While.

I know, I haven’t been posting the shows lately, but what’re ya gonna do.

So in the interest of making it up to you, I give you a killer local show this Thursday at the Metro.

Bang! Bang! is headlining with New Black, Pearly Sweets (from Baby Teeth), the Flesh, the Dirty Things, and the Life During Wartime DJs. So you’ve got four great local acts, a host of deejays that always pack a room whenever I’m at a concert they’re playing, and one great band from out of town. You won’t go wrong with this show.

What can I say about some of these bands that I haven’t said before? They’re awesome. New Black’s songs always blow me away – Liam and Patti’s vocals mix together so well as they bounce, fly, and scream between each other. Then, there’s those awesome lyrics.

The Flesh adds a vaguely ska-ish sound to all this punk, while the Dirty Things will keep us grounded in the mud.

Bang! Bang! are a perfect finale; Jack Flash and Gretta Fine always bring excitement and energy to the crowd. Plus, their CD was the only thing I’d listen to in my car through most of 2004.

But hey, listen for yourself to some of these songs provided by the bands:

So come on out; it won’t be long before parking in Wrigleyville is an even bigger pain in the butt because of a certain sports team. Does that make it all better? Come on, baby. You know I’d never leave you. How about this… catch me at the Metro Thursday night and mention Metblogs, and maybe I’ll buy you a beer between bands.

18+, show starts at 8:30pm, and tickets are still available at $9 a pop.

Update: There are $6 comp tickets here.

Too Tired to Shoot the Bean

I really wanted to participate in ‘Shoot the Bean’ and I even went down to take its picture. I took 3 rolls of black and white film (36 count) with every intention of developing and printing the film. It’s been a week and I still have not developed the film. In retrospect, I am sorry that I didn’t take my Nikon D70 to shoot the bean.

Why? haven’t I gotten around to developing that film? Is it because I’m busy hanging out with friends or busy filing income tax forms? Nope – I wish I could say that it was that I was so busy going to the gym. Instead, I have a case of the severe winter blahs! I’m just tired and lazy. I usually LOVE winter and I almost NEVER get tired, but this year I’m just too, TOO tired!!!

Somebody give me helpful hints on how to pull myself out of this crappy mess that I’m feeling!


I am tired just reading about it

Hustle Up the Hancock 2005 is this weekend. What is Hustle Up the Hancock? Sponsored by the American Lunng Association of Metropolitan Chicago, Hustle Up the Hancock raises money ($561,913 to date) by participants receiving pledge donations for their climb up the 1,632 STEPS of the Hancock. And I used to complain when the elevator was broken at Columbia.

Last year’s winner completed this feat in an astonishing 9 minutes, 47 seconds. PR Newswire has a great list of things you can accomplish in the time it takes someone to dash up 94 floors.

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