Kid-Simple simply awesome.

I saw Kid-Simple this weekend and it just knocked me on my ass. The story was unique yet universal, the po-mo touches were ingenious rather than precious and the characters lived and breathed in a way most dramatical personalities do not; that is to say they engaged the audience with tangible emotion rather than an obviously fabricated facsimile. The actors were terrific and the sets were eye-popping. And the dialogue is a mile-a-minute thrilling ride on the backs of verbs, nouns and wit. On one hand it’s the tale of a teenage inventor on a quest to get her invention back. On the other hand it’s the story of a girl — Moll as played by the adorable and electrical Wendy Whiteside — becoming a woman. And on yet another hand it’s a commentary on life imitating art intersecting with life. With sound. You’ll see what I mean. I can only say good things about this production.

Okay, I can say one bad thing. And that is that Kid-Simple is closing next weekend so that’s your last chance to catch one of the best plays I’ve seen in Chicago in a really long time ever. Get your tickets now!

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