She’s still Oprah from the block

This is so ridiculous that I don’t know if I am appalled at the enormous idiocy of the idea or if I should laugh so hard that I cry.

Chicago’s favorite multi-bajillionaire will leave her days of swimming around in a giant vat of gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck at her posh Ritz Carlton digs to go slum it in a “poverty-stricken public housing project“. This is one of those human interest pieces. Or a marketing ploy to further humanize Oprah and get her more in touch with her fan base.

Winfrey will be shadowed by security guards during the transformation but will otherwise fend for herself like others living in the poverty-stricken projects, her spokesman said.

Yeah, because everyone else is shadowed by security guards too. I think it is more insulting that she is bringing her security detail with her than any other part of this story.

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  1. rmk (unregistered) on March 23rd, 2005 @ 10:59 am

    it’s funny how history repeats itself. jane byrne moved into cabrini green for one month when she was mayor to understand the plight of the poverty stricken and to bring natonal awareness to the state of our public housing and to make a statement about the gang violence occurring so regularly in cabrini at that time. But as Mayor of our fair city, she was protected by body guards the entire time. She got national attention for the stunt, but I’m not sure it did much to improve CHA housing or to stop any violence.

    please, please don’t tell me oprah’s next step will be to run for mayor. that would really make me sick to my stomach.

  2. Beerstoya (unregistered) on March 24th, 2005 @ 7:59 am

    This is a joke. Oprah needs to STOP thinking she is the messiah. Do any of us really think she gives a rat’s ass about the plight of poverty-sticken folks? Gimmie a breeeaaak maaaannn…

    She wants to see poverty? She should go work at a damn Walmart for the love of Philip!

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