Trotter’s got a hell of a yapper on him

I was reading this great article in The Trib about the outrage some local chef-stars have about the treatment of ducks being raised for foie-gras, and can’t believe what a whiny and sassy little bitch Charlie Trotter is. Well, I can kind of believe it. In my head he has always been a pompous little prick, but this is proof. Here are his thoughts on Rick Tramonto…

“Rick Tramonto’s not the smartest guy on the block,” Trotter retorted. “Yeah, animals are raised to be slaughtered, but are they raised in a way where they need to suffer? He can’t be that dumb, is he? It’s like an idiot comment. ‘All animals are raised to be slaughtered.’ Oh, OK. Maybe we ought to have Rick’s liver for a little treat. It’s certainly fat enough.”

To which Tramonto replied “Yeah, well, so’s your face”.

No he didn’t. I just made that up. But I would love to see a Chef Thunderdome between Trotter and Tramonto.

Later, Trotter pitches a harsh burn to the activist group Farm Sanctuary…

“These people are idiots,” Trotter said. “Understand my position: I have nothing to do with a group like that. I think they’re pathetic. . . . I have nothing in common with that left-leaning kind of ideology.”

Holy crap, did someone’s mom not love them enough when they were a baby?

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