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Make your next sushi excursion an educated choice

I love anything that tells me what I want to eat. I am famously indecisive. A typical night will go something like this…

Me: What do you wanna do tonight?
Someone: I dunno. You hungry?
Me: Ya, I’m always hungry.
Someone: Let’s get food. Where you wanna go?
Me: I dunno. Somewhere.
Someone: OK. What do you feel like eating?
Me: I dunno. Prolly something I can digest. Like food. Food would be good.

— An hour or so passes —

Me: So, about that food. What do you want?
Someone: I dunno.

This will continue to go on until we finally whittle down a type of food. Then we are faced with the daunting task of choosing an establishment that serves that type of food. This entire process can take hours.

Lucky for me, Sushi Chicago has made the whole process easier. I am pretty much always down for sushi, so this is a godsend. Their sushi finder helps you find somewhere near you, and you can read through recommendations. Which is great, because you know what happens when you go to a bad sushi place. Let’s not talk about that.

Shit hits the fan

Dave Matthews Band has finally been fined for shitting all over, and I am not just referring to their horrendous music.

A judge Friday ordered the Dave Matthews Band to pay $200,000 to an environmental fund as settlement in the Illinois attorney general’s case against the band for dumping human waste on a Chicago River tour boat last summer.

Cook County Chancery Division Presiding Judge Dorothy Kinnaird agreed to the settlement, in which the band would pay $200,000 to the state. The money would be placed in a fund for environmental protection and education.

More insanely successful and therefore wealthy knuckleheads should start dumping poo. It’s good for the trees.

Gifting for the greater good

Giving gifts is good; giving the gift of giving is better. That’s a whole lotta giving!

The Chicago Alternative Gift Fair is this weekend, and it is far from your regular old gift fair. Stop thinking woven baskets and doll-shaped light switch plates. The Chicago Alternative Gift Fair doesn’t sell tangible gifts. Instead, you purchase donations to various good causes in your own name, or someone else’s.

At the Chicago Alternative Gift Fair, attendees can support a variety of local, national and international nonprofit organizations with established track records of helping people and the environment by making donations and purchasing gifts directly from them. Those who make donations on behalf of friends and relatives will receive a beautiful card with a description of their gift.

Forget about buying your mom flowers and overpriced scented candles. Besides feeling good about doing something for those in need, you’ll make your mom smile – especially since a warm fuzzy feeling inside is always appreciated.

The Modernist Society tonight, w/ The Bilssters


Yes, it’s the last Thursday of the month again. Forget about the fact that rent will be due shortly, and drink your troubles away with John Dugan and myself this evening at Darkroom.

Do it.



CARA Beginner’s Running Program Rocks

I have always wanted to be a runner and envied those who seemed to run gazelle-like on the lake front. I am a failed Bulldog Boot Camp trainee. But finally decided after a year of being pregnant and a year of not exercising on top of that, I would finally sign up for the CARA beginner running program.

There were lots of people there who had run, had never run, needed to loose weight, wanted an outlet for stress, etc. There were people there who looked like runners or looked like couch potatoes. I was happy to see that I wasn’t completely alone. After one session, I have to tell ya that I may actually be a runner one day.

Yup, we all get brass knuckles at birth

Surely by now you have all heard about the scandalous mob bust, so I won’t rehash it. But seeing this makes me wonder how this will fuel the fire of people’s built in perception of what it is like to be from Chicago (and by people I mean people not from Chicago or the surrounding areas, people who have never visited Chicago, and people that have never spent more that a couple of minutes with someone from Chicago). It

I would be even more entertained if the bake sale caused a riot

Who knew something interesting could actually happen at my school? Northeastern Illinois University is a pretty low-rent school for those who are either poor, generally unenthused, future teachers, washed-up punk rockers, live in the neighborhood, or planning on transferring. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing teachers there, but the student body is lacking oomph.

But I digress. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the College Republicans (I think there are like, two) had decided to have an Affirmative Action Bake Sale. Way to stir up some shit!.

If you’re not familiar with the concept as it’s been used on other campuses, an Affirmative Action Bake Sale is one in which white students are charged full price, while minorities get a discount.

Well, the school freaked out and threatened the club and its individual members, so then FIRE got involved and threatened to sue the school and so on. Here’s a the bit from FIRE’s website about the incident.

Anyhow, other student groups are gearing up to protest the bake sale, the media’s likely to show up.. should be a circus.

While my impression of these particular College Republicans is that they’re doofuses trying to earn brownie points in a larger network of campus conservatives (who will go on to be their employers), I do think that the concept of the bake sale is a very funny, poignant way of getting people to reexamine the dynamics of Affirmative Action.

I wonder what kind of discounts half-Mexicans get?

A City We’d Rather Not Be Too Much Like

The President of Hiroshima is coming to town Wednesday night, and I wish like crazy that it’s because of his personal fondness for the bean. It’s not. He’s here to get us to wake up to the fact that our state is number one in the country in nuclear plants and among the top states in radioactive waste.

I won’t even get into how well all the plants and radioactive waste are guarded or stored or cared for because it will just make you heartsick. So, here’s the point: Exelon is seeking permission to build a second reactor in Clinton, IL, which would be the first since Three Mile Island proved that accidents do happen.

The nation has no agreed upon plan for how to safely store all the radioactive waste these plants generate, partly because the waste remains radioactive for millions of years. In other words, it’s a permanent, potential human and environmental disaster that we hand down to all of our ancestors. But, Exelon says “Let’s build some more!”

Here’s how you can say no to a new Clinton reactor. Write the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at by May 25. You can also tell Exelon by calling 1-800-483-3220.

Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba’s talk, “A deadly serious campaign to eliminate the nuclear threat” takes place Wednesday night (4/27) at 7 p.m. at DePaul University, Schmitt Academic Center, room 154, 2320 N. Kenmore, 773-325-7385, ext. 4547, or 630-860-6792.

Summary of Illinois’ nuclear energy exposure here

UPDATE: I screwed up. The primary focus of Mayor Akiba’s talk this evening was eliminating nuclear weapons, not nuclear energy. I confused a mailing that I received that covered both issues. I apologize. But, for the record, one nuclear reactor has about the equivalent of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs of radiation content inside it, so it’s not inappropriate to be linking the two — particularly, in the wake of 9/11.

Will Ferrell is ALL about Chicago

First co-starring with the “vaguely-related to Chicago” man himself, Mike Ditka – and now filming his next movie here.

If you missed out on the super cool call for extras (and by “super cool” I mean “super waste of time and a cheap way to sell your soul”), you can still keep your eyes peeled for sightings of the incredibly funny one around Chicago while shooting “Stranger than Fiction“, which began filming in Chicago today. If you’re lucky, he might have one of his totally rocking co-stars in tow – maybe a little Maggie Gyllenhaal? Dustin Hoffman? You know you want it.

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