Make your next sushi excursion an educated choice

I love anything that tells me what I want to eat. I am famously indecisive. A typical night will go something like this…

Me: What do you wanna do tonight?
Someone: I dunno. You hungry?
Me: Ya, I’m always hungry.
Someone: Let’s get food. Where you wanna go?
Me: I dunno. Somewhere.
Someone: OK. What do you feel like eating?
Me: I dunno. Prolly something I can digest. Like food. Food would be good.

— An hour or so passes —

Me: So, about that food. What do you want?
Someone: I dunno.

This will continue to go on until we finally whittle down a type of food. Then we are faced with the daunting task of choosing an establishment that serves that type of food. This entire process can take hours.

Lucky for me, Sushi Chicago has made the whole process easier. I am pretty much always down for sushi, so this is a godsend. Their sushi finder helps you find somewhere near you, and you can read through recommendations. Which is great, because you know what happens when you go to a bad sushi place. Let’s not talk about that.

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