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A CTA Miracle

I swear I see Ted Nugent in this stain on the tracks of the Blue Line Division St. stop.

Ted on the El

What, you don’t?

Freebies for a good cause

What is better than free stuff? How about free stuff that is made of ice cream?

Cold Stone has been running a promotion all month for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which will be culminating this Monday with an ice cream social at all locations – The 4th Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Cake Social. If you stop in 5pm – 8pm on the 25th, you will receive a free slice of the super-dooper delicious sounding Make-A-Wish cake, which contains “Chocolate Ice Cream with Cookie Dough and Chocolate Shavings layered with Yellow Cake and covered in Ganache”. Delish!

Don’t just think you can waltz in there, have your cake, and eat it too. Be a good human and donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Don’t be a butt. Bonus, you get a little card to put your name on that will be displayed in the store. You can look for mine at the Cold Stone on Clybourn; I just donated last week and it made my Raspberry Sorbet with extra raspberries and hot fudge taste super extra awesome.

WBEZ + Real + Mac Fun. WBEZ + Real + Mac + BoingBoing = Fun.

For anyone who has tried to listen to WBEZ on a Mac and had it drop out every few minutes…. There is an easy fix!

This post on Boing Boing
hooked me up. I had given up trying to get it to work a few months after getting my Mac. Now, I’m currently rocking Marketplace.

Get Edumacated about this whole CTA implosion explains every little tasty morsel you have ever needed to know in order to understand just what is going on with the CTA. I personally prefer the “They are idiots that couldn’t turn a profit on a lemonade stand set up in July next to a swarm of potheads” argument, but if you want “REAL” facts so that you can argue like an “ADULT” then this is the place to go.

Not only do they give you the facts, but also offer multiple options of how you can take action to remove the CTA’s head from being firmly planted up its own ass.



More on Underpass Mary

I’m sure that like everyone that lives near the 90/94 Fullerton exit (or has to use that exit to get on the Kennedy) is aware of the salt stain that puportedly looks like the image of Mary. Monday this week it took me 20 minutes to go from my house to the exit – the trip normally takes 5 minutes at most – because of the salt stain. On the one hand I was really irritated. I don’t believe in seeing the image of Christ or Mary in things like a slice of bologna or a grilled cheese sandwhich.

On the other hand, the optimistic side of me thinks “How nice that people have enough faith to see something wonderful in ordinary things like a salt stain on an underpass wall.” I even glanced over at it as I was stopped in traffic trying to turn left onto the Kennedy. Truthfully, it didn’t look like anything to me and I was there a looooong time (because everyone else was gaping at it too).

This morning, there was STILL a crowd. I think tomorrow in anticipation, I should leave at 5:30 am instead of my usual 6:00 am.

Think you got the mad hoop skillz? DePaul would like to speak with you

Since the Illini are the new DePaul, DePaul has to play catch up. With former coach Dave Leitao now planted firmly in Virginia, DePaul is starting to grow desperate. So desperate they posted a wanted ad to their site. I dare you to apply.

The Men’s Basketball coach directs the development of the individual sports program within the guidelines of the NCAA and DePaul University. Directs organization and administration of the sport. This includes all pre-season, in-season and post-season activities necessary to the development of a national level competitive team.

On a related note, is that The Fonz and Jeff Spicoli in the image header (detail of graphic here)?

The Pope, Methodists, and Gay People


Casualties of Word

So I just did an article on shopping for modern design in Chicago. As is the nature of the editorial process, some stuff got cut. However, the bits that got cut were about two of my favorite stores here in Chicago, so I thought I’d give you the DVD bonus-features from my article…

The Passionate Shopkeepers

Just down the street from Wright, Ugo Alfano has amassed an amazing collection of modern Italian design at Casati. You

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