Cheapest In Town

This one I just don’t get. I stopped in at Farmer’s Produce to save my apartment from a toilet paper emergency, when the couple in line decided to have a Stupidity Moment. Are you ready for this?

It seems their $7.04 charge was just too cheap.

Stay with me. They stood there, staring at each other with an insulted expression on their faces (How dare you not treat us like the rich royalty snobs we are?), while I tried my Jedi Mind Trick to get them to actually pay the cashier and let me through. Then I remembered, there’s no such thing as the Jedi Mind Trick.

“I can charge you more if you like,” offered the cashier. Bless him.

Pay the man, I yelled. In my head.

“Cheapest store in town,” he continued a little uneasily. All this time, the lady just stood there holding a twenty dollar bill but not offering it to him.

I should’ve offered to add my stuff onto their price.

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