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Carl’s Red Hots

Carl’s Red Hots

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Å while back, I talked about how I thought Carl’s Red Hots, 83rd and Jeffery, were the best hot dogs in they city. I figured I’d help people find the place with a picture I took the other day…

Oh, their Italian Combo is really good too.

Where’s Waldo

Let’s see how well you know Chicago. Or at least, how good of a detective you are.

The picture above was taken somewhere in Chicago. It’s the wall above the stage. While the place isn’t specifically known for music, that’s part of its name.

Tomorrow night, a band is playing its farewell performance there before breaking up. Your challenge is to find out where this is. The first person to show up sometime after 9 pm and mention Metblogs will get a free beer (of their choice) and their cover paid by me. I’ll probably make a Metblog sign or something so you know who I am. (Sorry, this offer isn’t valid to anyone who knows me in person. That’d be too easy.)

I’ll post again tomorrow afternoon-ish with more hints.

Oh, and no shouting out your answers in the comments!

Croquet is a funny word

One of the things I like most about living in a big city like Chicago is how there really is a club / organization / event for everyone. Every possible interest is represented in our fair city, including croquet.

Yes, croquet. With the colorful balls and little hammers. Or mallets. Or whatever the hell they

I’m out of here.

So, this is my last night in town for a while. I’m off to spend some quality time in our nation’s capitol and to do a little guest blogging. Tonight will be my last appearance at The Modernist Society for the summer, so you should come out. John Dugan and I will be spinning rock, soul, punk & disco ’til 2am. Chicago’s Paper Bullets will be providing the live rock and roll. They’re good, even our man Tom says so.

The Modernist Society presents:
21 Forever
Thursday, May 26th
No cover before 10pm, $3 after
Darkroom: 2210 W. Chicago Ave

Hey, it’s a celebrity post! How ’bout that?

I’m as surprised about it as you are. So, word is Keanu “Thars a Bawm on the Bus” Reeves and Sandra “First Celebrity to Pony Up a Mil for Tsunami Relief” Bullock are celebrating the wrap of “Il Mare” tonight at the fab Tsuki on Fullerton.

Fox News at 9 – A Dirty Birdy

I flipped on to channel 12 last night to watch The Simpson’s as The Daily Show is in psycho rerun mode right now, and caught the last couple minutes of the broadcast. They were talking about the big spider crab house party happening off the coast of Melbourne, and the newscaster referred to it as on “orgy”.


He then quickly corrented himself and referred to it as “mating”.

Also, am I crazy, or is there NO SEARCH FUNCTION on I was trying to link to their story, and see if they had transcripts so I could quote directly, but to no avail. Don’t they know that search functions are the glue that holds this whole interweb together?

Louis XIV are hot. But not that hot.


Obviously the deafening coastal media buzz hasn’t swamped the Midwest in regards to Louis XIV yet, since JAM is giving away free tickets to tonight’s show at The Metro. This is always a sure sign that a show’s pre-sale is in the pits.

On the bright side you have the chance to see two great Chicago bands and a fun T-Rex tribute band for free if you want to!

Early Chicago Memories


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My earliest memories of Chicago are not of the impressive skyline, the 84 Cubs or the lake. It’s this Totem pole. I used it as my “Chicago” landmark. See, in the 80s, my aunt and uncle lived in a Condo on Lake Shore Drive. When we’d go and visit them, on monthly basis, I would fall asleep for the entire car ride until we drove by the Totem Pole.

Up close, it doesn’t look like how I remember it at all. I’m pretty sure it’s either been replaced or repainted or something…but the Totem Pole continues to be an important aspect of my view of Chicago…

Save the CTA, rent a train

CTA has a charter train program. I saw this and thought, “With all the current budget problems the CTA is having, why don’t they try to market this more? It’s awesome!” Starting at $1,200, you can rent your very own train. YOUR VERY OWN TRAIN. And you can eat on it, drink O’Douls on it, and have live music on it. Now that is an awesome idea.

In other, more heart-string pulling train related news, a little boy has a Metra train named after him. Ollie Tibbles, who passed away last year from a brain tumor, had told his mother that he wanted to be a train when he grew up. Now, the Ollie train will run on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe line.

The Sun-Times thing, #3

Sun-Times, May 25, 2005

The Mayor’s rivals are pretty.

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