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Lincoln Park Zoo Banner

“Hey Kate,” I said on the phone to my friend Kate O’Leary, “you’re all over Michigan Avenue!” Then I made a crude joke about the animal on the banner that made Kate sigh with sadness that I was her friend.

The banners are for a new exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Kate did all the illustrations (11 large paintings and 20+ smaller pieces) for the exhibit — the Pritzker Family Children

New Siblings to Pick On!

Metroblogging has just added 2 new kids to their block; Philadelphia and Berlin. Wave Hi!

I am going to San Diego tomorrow whether United likes it or not

I just about choked on my own heart when I saw this headline pop up in my email Tribune Alerts…

Flight attendants at United threaten Friday strike

I am leaving on United tomorrow to go to a family reunion for my grandmother’s 3,000,000,000,000,000th birthday. Seeing as that is a lot of years, it is of utmost importance that the plane I am on take flight.

You are gonna see me go apeshit tomorrow if my flight is cancelled.

10 Best of June 2005!

It’s time for my 10 best of June 2005! This is the post where I look back and tell you the things that were the 10 Best of June 2005! Let’s go! FUN!

10. Best restaurant I ate at more than six times: Ra sushi
9. Best restaurant I ate at less than six times: Horseshoe
8. Best album released less than six months ago: Worlds Apart by …and you will know us by the trail of dead.
7. Best show I saw at Metro: Assassins
6. Best obscenely high priced drink: Vodka (well) with Red Bull at Ra $9ish.
5. Best Assassins show I saw at Metro: Assassins
4. Best movie released that was partially shot in the Chicago: Batman (best on IMAX)
3. Best asshole move driving: some Lexus SUV that used the grassy median as its private drive
2. Best celeb to move to the Chicago: Vince
1. And of course, best celeb I ran into at a bar: Vince!

Our Fave “Places to nurse a broken heart”

We’ve had a hard week here on the Metblog, so we’re sharing with you (and each other) our favorite* places to recover from a broken heart.

Officer Gleason says:

I don’t have one favorite place in the city to nurse a broken heart–I do have a process that involves a number of my favorite places

First stop: Emilo’s. Sherry, Sangria, DATES WRAPPED IN BACON. The Lincoln park location is where I typically go.

Second stop: The local watering hole. When I lived at Belmont and Ashland, that was Cody’s.  As of yet, I haven’t found any place within a short walk of my new place that I like nearly as much as Cody’s. (Short walks are essential to the mending of a broken heart; especially if suffering from the effects of break-up related debauchery.)

The third and final step: I find a view of the skyline and the lake–the Lakeshore Drive Bike Path has the best view for this–and get things back into perspective.

Repeat as necessary.

Alana says:

When you’re nursing a broken heart, the best companion in the world is a girlfriend who will take you for a long liquid lunch at Szalas then push you to dress up in your best funeral garb and hit the neighborhood bar for Makers Mark and Negronis. You’re not allowed to leave until you start saying things like, “Ohforfucksake” in a thick Irish accent.

Rob says:

In the summer, a walk along the lakefront works for me. There’s plenty of eye candy (whatever your preference) and it’s a place there’s no obligation to talk to anyone – not even a bartender.

In the winter, I’m going to have to go with the Admiral. In the middle of dealing with an unpreferred reality, sometimes a little fantasy can help take the sting out. Don’t go with valet parking, though. If you park yourself you can do a few shots from your flask after you’ve parked. It will keep you from thinking “I’m just like all the other poor single schleps here” until the drive home.

Irene says:

Any local bar with your friends.

Jennifer says:

On a back stoop, by myself, with a few cigarettes and a bottle of cold beer.

Tankboy says:

It’s been a while, but the last time I was dumped I think the first place I headed was Ten56 and then Double Door. The basic premise is always to drown my sorrows in lots of bourbon and loud music. Preferably in the presence of lots of cute girls. That always helped me feel better.

Now that Ten56 is gone though I guess I’d better cross my fingers that I never have to go through another break-up. I don’t want to have to build this plan from scratch again!

Nikkos says:

Bars? Clubs? Moping? Wrong.

There’s only one place to go after a break up.

(does this need a sarcasm tag or does it ooze through?)

City Moves to Preserve Water Tanks

You may remember that last month our own Steven Downs published this photo in a post titled “Alley & Blue.” I thought (and still think) it’s a great look at a ubiquitous, overlooked element of our cityscape.

Fortunately, the water tanks are not going to be overlooked for much longer. Earlier this week, the Daley Administration and the Chicago Architectural Club announced that they’ve launched a competition to preserve them.

From their website:

“The purpose of this project is to promote awareness of urban water tanks within the City of Chicago and to encourage their
preservation either as artifacts, or through creative reuse.

The majority of water tanks in Chicago were erected as gravity tanks for fire-suppressant systems, some of which are still in use. However, with changing technologies many tanks have become redundant and are now disused. . .

While these tanks are private property they have long contributed to the urban flavor of Chicago and their disappearance is a civic injury suffered by all.”

The winning entry gets $3500 (and the satisfaction of knowing they helped preserve part of our city’s character). Applications are due October 11.

Sun-Times article by architecture critic Kevin Nance on competition here.

(Btw, the website for the competition includes a ton of photos of the water tanks throughout the city. None captures the found, dreamy beauty of the tanks as well as the one Steven took above.)

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my singing as I walked around Roscoe and Clark tonight. I was listening to Ellis Paul and taking in beautiful night.

I’ll try to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder

Greetings from the District of Columbia! I’ve been having a swell time here… lots of drunken intellectual conversations with lots of drunken intellectuals and what not. I’m also going to be doing a guest appearance at the DC branch of The Modernist Society which should be a good time.

Oh yeah, the point is, that even without me, somehow the world keeps turning! That is, the Chicago chapter of The Modernist Society still goes on the last Thursday of the month @ Darkroom, even without me. No skin off your nose though, because fucking Ethan D’Ercole of The Watchers is going to be spinning in my place, so it’ll be a great time. Go have a drink on me, just put it on my tab… I’m sure that will work.

Surprise Ian Moore Show tonight at Uncommon Ground

::psst:: In addition to tomorrow evening’s performance at Schuba’s (anybody want to cram in like sardines?) Texas favored son Ian Moore is putting on a freebie tonight at Uncommon Ground.

* 9pm *
Uncommon Ground
3800 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773-929-3680

Website: Ian Moore

[Rumor has it that one of these here Metrobloggers will be guest singin’, if you want to call it that.]

A ghost from the past

Kozmo scooter

Last night, Erica and I were walking out of the Landmark Century when I spotted a ghost at the front of the Century parking lot — a Kozmo scooter. Man, if I had a Kozmo scooter, I’d always be pretending that I was racing to deliver someone a 2 am videogame and bag of microwave popcorn. Zoooom.

It was nearly a former reminder of the Internet bubble, though. Taped to the handle bars was a note — “Your keys are with security. Your welcome.” Whew – someone dodged a bullet on that one.

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