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Church of Scientology, Trixie Division

Church of Intolerance, Chicago Division

Tolerance? Only for our own, say Catholic Priests in Chicago meeting

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Church of Scientology, Trixie Division

Who knew? Apparently, the Chicago orifice of the

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  1. Marty Gleason (unregistered) on June 15th, 2005 @ 1:30 pm

    The church uses a rhetoric of redemption for the justification of no zero tolerance. It’s crap. There can be no redemption without taking full responsibility for one’s actions AND suffering the consequence.

    First of all, “first time offenders” typically begin offending when they are 12-14 years old. By the time they’re adults, a patterned sex offender can have well over 60 victims. I’ve worked with 16 year olds with over 60 victims…

    The theological implications of redemption do not out-way the safety of children.

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