Congratulations, it’s an otter!

babyotter.jpgBABY OTTER! And she is awesomely fuzzy, adorable, and cuddly. Kiana is a 2 and a half month old baby otter that has been newly adopted by the Shedd Aqaurium after her mother took off. And she’s gonna cost a pretty penny too. It is estimated that it will cost a whopping $40,000 to raise her by the end of the year. And that doesn’t even include montessori, tennis lessons, or a bilingual nanny.

Jessica Whilton at the Shedd has the awesomest job in the history of all time…

Whiton has clearly bonded with Kiana after spending so much time with her. Whiton talks to her like any other infant, asking unanswerable questions like “Why are you so crabby?” or marveling at the fact that Kiana is “so big you can’t fit in my lap anymore!”

“It’s a casualty of the job,” Whiton said. “You talk to animals like they’re human.”

I would take that job casualty any day of the week. No fair.

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