Fire update

Going back to the unexplained smoke and sirens from last night, apparently ComEd had one of their transformers burst into flames! My boyfriend and a buddy headed over to check things out and reported that there were flames pushing through the manholes. WHAT THE!? I thought ComEd was supposed to have fixed all this crap by now!

So then this afternoon I got a “friendly” automated call from the City of Chicago to notify me of the power failures in my ‘hood and that I was welcome to head on over to one of the emergency cooling stations. We had power, but apparently much of Pilsen did not.

Oh yeah Chicago. We are officially into summer, ComEd style. Remember that? Uh huh, it’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it? Calling around at the last minute to your friends, trying to find out who still has air conditioning and an available couch so that you don’t die in a puddle of your own sweat.

God I can’t wait to see Daley’s famous bulging forehead vessel at the next press conference. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good ComEd railing.

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