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Ed’s Rules for Waiting


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Suzanne from Philadelphia reporting for duty; 10 days of lovely Chicago and all it’s tourist joy is waiting for me!

Here’s part of the deal…I’m not from here, but my host is so I can annoy the ever-living crap out of him by doing all the things that locals just don’t do including but not limited to giving a solid, Philly style gesture to out of town drivers and insulting drivers based on where they live. (I’m all about commentary based on residence.)

The other thing I have no shame about is going to Ed’s and taking pictures. Because…well, the only thing more amusing than the rules at Ed’s (::sigh::) and the bitter waitstaff (yeah, sure) is seeing girls in ill-fitting clothing with Starbucks Double Venti Mocha-Cappa-Frappo-Minta-Chino-Juice-Chai acting like everyone waltzes around the city with an American Girl bag.

I want to shake them and ask where they learned what cool meant.


Was walking towards the subway after leaving Lollapalooza last Sunday when I ran into the individual in this pic, with the red bag. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, that Sunday was only his 3rd day in Chicago. He moved here to attend school. We spoke for a brief time about how hot (100) it was (he’s never felt it warmer than 85), the lack of sunlit midnights and how nice people have been since he’s been in town. I told him to get used to it.


This is rigoddamndiculous.

Each lunch hour, instead of eating, going on a walk or what have you, I drive home from the near west burbs to Roscoe Village (or Grande Villagio de Rosco, as I like to refer to it) and take my pup-pup, Oscar on a walk so he can pee and get some general mid-day lovin’.
Since I despise the Kennedy, the easier way there is to take Elston all the way to Belmont and hang a “Lucy” to the village.

Now, everybody knows the rules of city driving; they are quite similar to Thunderdome. Which is something you learn to deal with real fast if you drive in the city. But today, I was the first line at the light on Elston and Irving Park waiting for the green. There was a younger woman behind for most of the way down Elston driving rather erratically and swerving over every now and then to see if she could make a break for it in the bike lane. As we were both waiting, she behind me, a guy driving a Ford Explorer came up next to me and stopped, clearly pulling the “When-it-turns-green-I’ll-gun-it-and-be-the-first-in-line-before-the-non-existent-right-lane(that’s really meant for people turning right)-ends” move. This is a traffic move I despise, but can rarely rectify with my beefy, Honda, four-cylinder engine. Surprisingly, he did not get in front of me, but he did try and get behind me.

Here’s where it gets fun. Apparently, the woman behind was not about to have that. So, they decided to both ride my ass, side by side in a one-lane Toughman duel-to-the-death contest for the spot directly behind mine. (I was accelerating and not driving like a dipshit by any means okay? seriously, driving normally). Neither would back down; gunning their engines for the upper hand, the minivan spilling herself into the oncoming traffic and the SUV practially sideswiping every car that was parked on Elston. All this for one car length, until the Explorer relented and the minivan-driving woman got just enough ahead.
Well, she won right? They’ll honk at each other, flip the bird etc. right?…..right??
Nope, not even close. The minivan lady found it necessary to slam on her brakes (and she had some solid breaks). The Explorer proceeded to fly into the back of her minivan. Then she proceeded to get out of her car and hit, literally hit the man as he got out of his SUV. And the traffic build-up behind them ensued while they screamed at each other and he fended off her assault in the middle of the street.

Now…..I……I just….I’m speechless. These were “adults.” This is the most disgusting behavior I have witnessed in the city in a while. Two grown people are willing to put themselves, not to mention all the cars and pedestrians in the immediate area in danger. for one fucking car length, in what was not even slow moving traffic. I know driving in the city can be frustrating but…. do I really need to say anything else?
P.S. To make this post a little lighter, here is my pup-pup that I was on my way to see.

Get out your tin foil caps

The World Future Society will be landing in Chicago via teleporter this weekend to host their annual get-together. And no, they are not some cult of people from the future (damn.)

They are a group of super smart academics from all over the world who get together to discuss current trends that can help predict future paths. Just don’t expect an answer if you ask them “So, when will the Cubbies take it all the way?”

Good Weather, Good Times part ii

How to ruin your good times in 3 short hours…

After being a part of the wonderful city vibe yesterday, a few friends and I decided to go to Hopleaf. While there, we all decided to try World Wide Stout and a few other strong beers.

Worldwide Stout, while a delicious beer, has kicked the good times right out of my head. Repeatedly kicked in the head…with big, steel toed boots. Then one good kick in the stomach for good measure. I am definitely not feeling the good times today.

edit Sorry folks, I didn’t close the anchor tag.

Win a Date with nikkos! (and Tony Bennett)

win a date with nikkos.bmp

My Mom and her boyfriend are hosting a group of folks to see Tony Bennett at Ravinia on Friday Aug. 19, something we do every year. She gave me an extra ticket with the instructions to

Fordham Spire Talk, Continued

The prize for oddest reaction to the proposed skyscraper has to go to Kevin Nance at the Sun-Times. Perhaps he needs to get some.

“Calatrava has designed a building that looks for all the world like a tall, stately woman in a flowing, gauzy gown that swirls around her legs.”

Hunh? Ok, maybe.

But then, he goes on about how Calatrava

Good Weather, Good Times

On my way home from my last appointment today, I started thinking about why I love this city so much. As I was trying to put my finger on it, I was treated to:

•An Amazing view of the skyline

•A guy dancing on his Roller-Blades in front of Buckingham fountain. It was straight out of an early 90s movie dance number–except he had an iPod

•A whole bunch of different types of bicycle-like contraptions

Then it hit me: Everyone just looked so happy today. While I’d like to think that it’s just because Chicago is a fantastic place to live, in truth, I think this is simply due to the incredible weather we’ve had for the past two days.

However, I think Chicago, with fantastic weather, simply cannot be beat.

No more beach for Truffle

On principal, because this is just ridiculous. Starting September, dog owners will need to obtain a permit to take their dog to the dog beach. The permits themselves cost $35, but the *actual* cost of the permits is much higher. Permit applications must be signed by a veterinarian, so you can go ahead and tack on at least another $75 for a vet examination. From what it looks like, you do need a special vet visit to get the signature, so your dog will need to be re-examined before getting the permit. A whole load of crap.

So, my water-loving labrador will just have to get used to the run at Hamlin Park. It’s probably for the best; that beach water was making her ears a bitch to clean.

Our Fave “Vegetarian Food”

This week I asked the Chicago Metrobloggers about their favorite vegetarian food in Chicago. The fact that some of their responses began with something like “well, right now I’m eating a pound of bacon, but…” suggests next week’s topic to me. But here are our non-carnivore favorites:

Rob says:

I have to give Chicago Diner Lasagna Dinner with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vegetarian Shake on the side the ultimate props. It’s so damn good it’s wrong. The combination of fresh ingredients, great bread, and nice portion (not too big/small) put it at the top of my list.

Chicago Diner isn’t the cheapest but they work hard, the food is great, and the selection simply rocks. The biggest problem I have with being vegetarian is the limited selection I get at a “normal” restaurant.
Chicago Diner has about 20 or more things on the menu so even a vegan has a wide variety to pick from.

If I have less than 5 dollars to spend, I’d go with Irazu‘s veggie burrito to go with some El Ranchero chips (yep. the ones in the green bag.) from the grocery store (Del Rey is good but I like the tooth-breaking snap of the El Ranchero’s). Beware, though, Irazu closes at 9 PM.

Jennifer says:

Kashkeh Bodemjam at Reza’s on Clark (or Ontario.) Almost as much fun to say as it is to eat, and I’ll be damned, if it isn’t made out of Little Miss Muffet curds and whey. And garlic and eggplant. And mint. Mmmmmmmm. Get it with their dill rice and maybe follow it with Vegetarian Sampler #3. Can’t go wrong. Really, you can’t go wrong.

Lauren says:

I am not much for veggie food in general, although I don’t eat much meat either. Had you asked me a couple weeks ago, I would have said far and away the veggie samosas at Hema’s Kitchen, but I got violently ill last time I ate there. I will say, just as a general veggie item, that soyrizo might be one of the greatest things in the history of time. Mr. Man and I recently replicated Avec‘s chorizo stuffed Medjool dates at home with soyrizo, and they were beyond excellent.

Alana says:

I love vegetarians. They taste like chicken.

Steven says:

Morningstar Farms® Chik Patties® Breaded Veggie Patties, hands down. I am the most skeptical eater when it comes to “it tastes just like real meat” veggie food. I was blown away by how good these patties are.
Take ’em out of the oven, slap ’em on a bun with some mayo, lettuce and tomato and you’re set. You won’t be able to tell the difference, trust me. If you can, you have my permission to yell at me.

CP says:

Back in my idealistic high school days, I went vegetarian for about 4 years. I did not eat meat for “ethical” reasons and I was raised in a household of raw meat-eating T. Rex’s, so I assumed the role of the bastard Brontosaurus for a while. Even though I don’t eat it as often as I like, I’d have to say I’m a sucker for falafel. Not a whole lot beats going over to Sultan’s Market. Whenever I go over to a friends house in Wicker Park I always try to stop by to pick some spicy falafel stuffed in a pita. I’m not sure if it’s the best in the city but I love it. Any suggestions for good middle eastern food? Particularly Lebanese?

Nikkos says:

Thanks to CP for providing me with an opening – cuz frankly, I wouldn’t have the first clue as to a good veggie restaurant in the city. My little sister went through a vegan phase for a while, which required us to celebrate her birthday at a Buddhist, hence vegan, restaurant. I am an adventurous eater and rarely turn my nose up at anything, but for my money, if it doesn’t cast a shadow, it ain’t dinner.

As for Middle Eastern food, the BEST can be had at the Pita Inn. Yes, it’s outside the city limits. No, despite my incessant pleas they refuse to open a downtown location. That being said, their baba ghannoug is awesome, as is their falafel.

For the carnivores in the house, their shawarma sandwich is without peer. I have a friend that went to Egypt and Israel on kibbutz, and he claimed that the only shawarma he had that even came close was at some end-of-the-world shawarma stand in the Egyptian desert. This could have simply been a hallucination, so I’d recommend the Pita instead.

Tankboy says:

I eat lots and lots of meat. The way I figure it, I’d better eat as many cows as I can before they start to evolve, form opposable thumbs and then start hunting us. I’m just doing my part at keeping the human race on a slightly higher level of the food chain.

I guess that’s my way of saying I don’t really have anything of substance to offer this particular subject. Or maybe I do. Come to think of it, Russell’s Barbecue does serve up a mighty fine ear of corn. There! A vegetable I like! I knew I could do it…

Roderick says:

The only thing that I eat that doesn’t have meat in it are salads.

There. Salads.

Officer Gleason says:

On occasion I go on a quest to find the best type of food around. Pizza, Corn Beef Hash… Anyway, lately, I’ve been looking around Chicago for my favorite Chana Masala. I’ve been to Monsoon, Hemma’s Kitchen, Bhabi’s Kitchen and Gaylord India. So far, in my quest for the perfect Chana, I’ve found that Bhabi’s Kitchen, off of Devon, is quite possibly my favorite.

Fuzzy says:

For nine years before I moved to Chicago I was a vegetarian in a small-town where there were no vegetarian options other than grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries (sweet, sweet french fries) at the diner or pasta primavera at the “fancy” restaurants (damn you, pasta primavera!). So when I got to Chicago and there were entire restaurants for vegetarians, I was in heaven. The Blind Faith Cafe up in Evanston is my favorite.

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