Hilton Towers and Ass

On Sunday I got a lake view room at the Hilton to watch the fireworks. I wanted to see them without the million other people there and ensure I would have a nice seat. And AC.

I thought that hotel was generally regarded as a nice one, so I expected to have a reasonable time. When I checked in, there was a mix up with the room. I told the check-in guy it’s not my fault, just give me what I booked, and he was all “I know it’s not your fault, but it’s not our fault either.” Not their fault? What? And he didn’t say anything else or offer a solution. He just stood there. I booked in January, by the way. So I went a little ape shit on the guy and made him get another check-in dude.

That dude explained that some other loser people paid more for a package and that their rooms costed more than mine and tough luck buddy. I asked him what that had to do with me, and he said because those rooms are full, you get the scraps. The great thing about this is that sitting right next to me, there a sign that says something about how service is their number one priority and they want to go above and beyond and blah blah blah.

The thing that pisses me off is that they knew the hotel was full. It’s been there for like 2000 years right? In that time, it’s never been full? I have to bend over if I want to stay there when they’re busy?

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  1. Justin (unregistered) on July 6th, 2005 @ 9:46 am

    So let me get this right, you booked a room at the Hilton in January to watch the fireworks in July? I must be missing something here.

  2. Fuzzy (unregistered) on July 6th, 2005 @ 12:33 pm

    “Booked in January” as in “in January, made a reservation”.

  3. Fuzzy (unregistered) on July 6th, 2005 @ 12:34 pm

    And the ObSeinfeld:

    Agent: I’m sorry, we have no mid-size available at the moment.

    Jerry: I don’t understand, I made a reservation, do you have my reservation?

    Agent: Yes, we do, unfortunately we ran out of cars.

    Jerry: But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation.

    Agent: I know why we have reservations.

    Jerry: I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation and that’s really the most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them.

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