My Lollapalooza, part 1

Ever since we were little kids, my girlfriend and I have wanted to go to a big music festival. Sure we’ve been to shows, but nothing like this. I mean, LOLLAPALOOZA. Whoa. So it is only fitting that I share it you guys.

We first arrived at around 3:30PM, as our group had to do the prerequisite pre-party/bbq. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see the Kaiser Chefs. But we had 2 DAYS of music to listen to right?


Immediately after we arrived I could already tell this would be something to remember. DUDES ON STILTS. Lollapalooza in my hometown. Rock.

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We caught the tail end of Brian Jamestown Massacre set. I immediately noticed that I could hear more of the sweet emo croonings of Dashboard Confessional over BJM. Poor stage placement.

In the middle of it all was this overgrown mobile with a glowy balloon.


Who I saw that night:

Cake – Okay set. I was kind of bored. Beer!
Billy Idol – Never in my life did I ever expect to hear Rebel Yell or White Wedding live. That guy can rock.
Pixies – Great set, but their age shows in their stage presence.
Weezer – Now, Weezer has a special place in my heart. The Blue Album was the first CD I ever bought, and it was everything my geeky teenage lovelife represents.


It rained during Primus and the weather was actually pleasant throughout the day, so I thought. During the middle of the Weezer set I started getting a huge headache and started feeling sick. After the set, we waited out the crowd, and hopped on the Brown Line going home…

…and sat a seat away from Alpana Singh, the host of Check Please!. She was either really into her Trib, or forgot her reading glasses, or was trying to hide her face. Yes Alpana, I was the guy who looked like he was going to yak all over the train.

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