Video Game Law Signed, Immediately Challenged

OK, so to recap, a law was proposed to restrict the sale the sale of “violent or sexually explicit” video games to minors. Similar laws in other states have been shot down and the language of the bill was vague enough that everyone knows it’s “patently unconstitutional“. So our state legislature passed the law. Hooray for Illinois!

Then last week, Gov. Blagojevich delayed signing the bill into law because the Daley scandals were taking up the front page and he wasn’t going to get the media circus he wanted from the signing of this bill. Which makes sense — if you’re signing a bill that isn’t going to actually do anything except project the image that you care about the children, then there’s no point in doing the signing away from media attention.

Anyway, Blagojevich went on the CBS Evening News to talking-head about violent video games and evidently that was enough publicity to satisfy him, because today he signed the bill into law. And then the Electronic Software Association, the Video Software Dealers

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