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A Real Chicago Hero


OK, so admittedly this is a bit late, but I couldn

Pretty Please

Chicago to get Calatrava skyscraper?

Lincoln Square Summer Concert Series

Intonation or Lollapalooza too big of a production for you? Maybe you’ll like the low-key summer concerts at Giddings Plaza (4731 North Lincoln Avenue) in Lincoln Square. The Chicago Brauhaus serves brats and beer, or you can patronize any of the other restaurants in the area. In the past month I’ve seen a fiddle contest and have been swing dancing out on the plaza.


Here’s a list of the rest of the concerts for the summer (from

Thursday July 28, 2005
Dayna Malow with Special Guest Mark Lonsway
rock, pop & whole lotta country

Thursday August 4, 2005
Alfonso Ponticelli & Swing Gitan
gypsy jazz

Monday August 8, 2005
20 piece Luxemborg big band

Thursday August 11, 2005
energetic traditional celtic

Thursday August 18, 2005
Chicago Jazz Quartet

Thursday August 25, 2005
Arin Tedesco & Andrea Bunch / Sweet Hello
harmony-driven anti-folk / guitar slinging folk pop

Monday August 29, 2005
Voestalpine Blasochester
40 piece Austrian brass band

Mmmmm, photos…..

Being a guy who likes to snap some shots, I’m always happy to find new websites with some really sharp photos. It really makes my day when those photos are of Chicago. So imagine my pleasure when I’m cruising through the site at work, I’m actually doing work, when I come across the Site of the Day Archive. Towards the bottom of the page I find this gem: Revealing Chicago: An Aerial Portrait Terry Evans.

I Love This Site. I can’t look away. Photos of Chicago and its neighbors from above? Awesome. And the best thing? You can see these photos in person until Oct. 10, up close, at Millenium Park. If you can’t make it out before then, that’s ok. At least we’ll always have the website. Unless they take it down. Then you’re screwed.


Ack! Scurrilous is gone! My favorite feature in the paper I rarely read (that is, the back page gossip column in the Red Streak) was replaced by an ad for the Sun-Times today. Looks like it’s been gone since the 7th. It’s been weeks since I’ve picked up a Red Streak — a result of their inconsistent some-boxes-are-free-some-aren’t policy. Whenever I get the urge to read the Red Streak (or more specifically, Scurrilous) I’d always seem to be passing by one of the still-a-quarter vending machines. And as soon as they’d trained me that I could get it for free, damned if I was going to shell out $0.25.

Oh, Scurrilous. You introduced me to the Important Persons Act. You were delightfully mean. I… hardly ever read you. I’m sorry.

Doesn’t he know?

The success of Lollapalooza last weekend already has executive producer Charlie Jones in talks with the city regarding bringing the festival back for another run in ’06. An article in the Trib offers the following tidbit regarding potential headliners:

“Earlier in the day, he (Jones) had discussions with the Dave Matthews Band’s management; it’s a good bet the headlining slot at next year’s festival was a topic.”

Someone please remind me not to take any boat tours next year. For those of you not familiar with the “intimate relationship” some Chicagoans experienced with Dave’s crew late last summer, read on.

….am i missing something?

So, I love going to Chief O’Neill’s Pub over on Elston. I’m an irish kid, brought up in a proud Irish home, I’ve backpacked Ireland and so I like going to a Chicago-Irish joint as often as I can. There’s something comforting, as I’m sure there is in most national and ethnically aware American people(was that politically correct enough?) about being in a surrounding that reminds one of their heritage and where they came from. (Sure, it can be “kitschy” but what isn’t in America these days? so don’t bust my balls.)

When I drive by though, I always look at the four-leaf clover they have on the side on the building and ask myself,
“Why did they give it a butthole?”
Do you see it? Or am I just nutty-bonkers?
(It’s not the best picture I know, but believe it or not, I’m at a computer that does not have any type of photo editing program.)

P.S. If you haven’t had their Guinness Cheddar soup, well, you’re just depriving yourself.

I wish I had a Treo

But I don’t. Until the day I do, I will just continue holding my handmade Treo constructed from construction paper and pipe cleaners. But, if I did have a Treo, I would pretty darn happy about Traffic, Palm’s latest addon for Treo users. Especially on days like today. I have to drive from the far north side down to Upper Wacker, and then drive out to Oak Park. I am sweating in my seat just thinking about it. I am absolutely terrified. And my paper Treo does not support fancy little traffic notification apps. Damn.

No. Really. Chicago IS the new New York

Tankboy was on to something. With NYC out of the running for the 2012 Olympics, Mayor Daley is picking up the slack and starting some of the preliminary work to put in a bid for the 2016 Olympics.

See? He does some good stuff. Sometimes. Unless you hate the Olympics. And lots of tourists. Then this news sucks.

Paint, on top of paint, on top of paint

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the amount of character that comes default in apartments here. Even the crappy apartments have vintage charm. It’s not hard to find a three flat Victorian with awesome hardwood floors and a clawfoot tub. But, seriously, what is up with wood trim?

Every single apartment I have lived in that had wood trim has always had 300 layers of paint. Beautiful and intricate molding around doors and ceilings – ruined by decades of painting and repainting.

What is it with wood trim in Chicago? It is like the city passed a law somewhere around the turn of the century decreeing that all wood trim be painted. Every generation that followed did the same, and now I can barely see the details in my previously gorgeous molding.

I would imagine that wood refinishers make a killing in Chicago.

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