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On the front page of today’s Tribune is a nice picture of Heather Armstrong accompanying an article titled “Blogs Can Bite“. That is not all that can be bitten — I hereby declare that all future authors of “whooo — the internet is scary and all your posts about how much your boss sucks may come back to haunt you” pieces can, in fact, bite me.

I mean, Dooce got dooced three years ago, which in internet-time is, like, a million, bazillion years ago.

And, yes, yes, don’t be an idiot. “My boss, Earl J. Smiley of Megacorp, Inc, suxxors teh most — signed, John Q. Monkey, employee # 456930” will cause you some problems some day. And, I have to say that this article isn’t as bad as I’ve seen in the “business” pages where the implication is “ever post about wearing goth clothes for Halloween once? Well, forget about ever having a real job, ya freak.” But there are still a few telling, to my eyes, quotes:

“It could be your generation who communicates that way,” Weldon remembers telling a student journalist covering the controversy, “but you have to remember that my generation is the one who gives out the consequences.”

The quote stops there, but I’m sure in the interview she went on to yell at some “whippersnappers” to get off her lawn.

He fears his blog may count against him in trying to earn tenure, no matter that it has raised his profile as a commentator on international affairs.

“If the blog is successful,” he wrote in a posting about the pros and cons of academics blogging, “it will breed resentment from colleagues, because it creates an alternative path to acclaim where tenured faculty do not function as gatekeepers.”

Yeah, be careful of anything new kids. Those gatekeepers will get you everytime.

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  1. Mr. Smith (unregistered) on August 17th, 2005 @ 7:24 am

    I don’t understand all the fearmongering in MSM stories about blogs. ABC 7 did a story like that last month and now this month they’re starting their own blog. Aren’t they worried about losing their jobs by starting a big, scary blog?

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