Sometimes you gotta be a “wino”

I love beer, any red-blooded American does. But sometimes you gotta sit back and have a glass of Chianti, or as trendy as it is, Pinot. I’m sure some of you out there are saying, “But CP, I always have a big Solo cup full of Boone’s Farm when I get home from a hard day.” I know, I know, of course you do and good for you. There are certain times though, when you have to treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage that does not contain corn syrup. Or, spend more than $3.00 on a bottle of Tropical Fruit Punch “wine.” And what better place to do that than Volo?
Roscoe Village is “up and coming” of sorts. Nice but not snotty, rustic but not trashy. So, when a new wine bar moved in on Roscoe that has a chef from Spago/MK/Rubicon, something indicated the chances that this was going to be an ass-kicking dining experience, were better than average. Volo only serves “sharing” dishes, no entrees. Essentially, you snack on amazing delicacies, like applewood bacon/artichoke/goat cheese “pizzas,” sliced beef with fennel, wild boar spareribs and duck confit. All the while, you’re sipping flights of some of the best wines on the market. Whites, reds, champagnes, pinks, even Rieslings! You can taste wines until your palate is raw, and then pick your favorite.
It’s no cheap date, it’s not Trotters, but it is worth every damn penny.

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