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Empty Bottle’s Cat Gone

I just found out that Radly, the Empty Bottle‘s cat, has been missing since August 23. If you’re in the Ukrainian Village area, be on the lookout for this guy:


According to the staff, he has a tattoo on the inside of one of his ears that says “mice.” (They claim to have no idea how it got there. Ahem.)

The phone number on Empty Bottle’s website is 773-276-3600 if you see him.


Wherein a Metroblogger briefly compares and contrasts Chicago and Atlanta.

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Our thoughts are with our southern cousins

Please send a hopeful thought towards New Orleans today.

More information via BoingBoing.
How to help via the always useful Making Light.

Metroblogging New Orleans

Metroblogging New Orleans:

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Lawrence just west of Damen. As always, click the pretty picture to see the larger size.

Coming soon: a photo contest! Details in the next few days.

Marty in Atlanta

What up. This is Will, from the Atlanta Metroblog. I’ve got your own Marty Gleason here with me in Atlanta right now, and aren’t you jealous. He and I go way back. Way back. I am, in fact, from Chicago myself. So special thanks to you all for keeping me up to date on what’s what in my old town.

I’ll see you around the Metroblogs, y’all. Come by and see us in Atlanta sometime.

Chicago Drivers

Chicago drivers need to pay attention.

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It pisses me off when I’m drunk out of my skull but I still know how to navigate the city better than my cab driver. When I say left on Broadway, I mean left on Broadway.

Meetup Wrap Up

Last night, a few of us Metbloggers went out to the Pontiac to laugh, love and cry with Vikki (aka pinkfairycat) of London Metblogs, who is in town for a few days to see the sights. Fun was had by all. Vikki told stories of her run-in with Chicago’s finest, her disbelief of the various smoking policies, and the confusion caused by our beloved CTA system. The night was made complete by a visit from a local celebrity, the Muffin Lady. Tom went on to profess his love and daily addiction to the spiked morsels of delight. Supposedly he eats several dozen of them per day, unable to control his growing desires.

Photos will be posted soon. I brought the camera to work to download the photos, but I forgot the USB cord. Too many muffins, I guess.

Update: Photos are now posted here.

Don’t just do Sudoku, read about it

Suduko Sudoku is officially a craze, USA Today reports, at least based on book sales.

(via Bookslut)

(Thanks, Moon. I am the Dummy that Sudoku for Dummies is for.)

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