Loves Me…Loves Me Not

“There were no puppets. Not one stinkin’ puppet” were the words of Sophia, art patron, age 4. Her mother, apparently mistaken and with the best of intentions, had promised puppets based on past performances in order to lure her daughter along to the show.

We left last night’s Red Moon Theater performance of “Loves Me…Loves Me Not“, me quizzing my dates for the evening as to their favorite moments from the production. My boyfriend, tolerant of artists, even supportive at times, was a bit baffled as to the plot. I tried to explain that it wasn’t a play or a musical even. That it’s performance art. Little vignettes of living scenes. Not photograph, not a movie, somewhere in between. Passing moments of emotion and visuals, wafting by.

“Bah humbug” could have been his response. To which I wonder, how is it that this poor guy came to be in love with a photographer/graphic artist? I must just be a really good cook. Anyway…

Me, I loved it. The music was lilting, minor-key, haunting and lonely save for a humorous interlude. The visuals had a wonderful, slightly disjointed, beautifully decayed, off-kilter, dreamy quality. As I said, just sweet little vignettes floating past on the near-still waters that line the south side of the Museum of Science and Industry.

Well worth the $10 admission. Even if there were no stinkin’ puppets.

Red Moon Theater’s production “Loves Me…Loves Me Not” runs until September 25.
Get there by 7:30 PM, performance begins at dusk. Box dinners are available for $10, but run out quickly, so bring your own if you plan on arriving right under the wire. Seating is on the concrete rear steps of the Museum of Science and Industry, soft blankets are recommended.

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  1. kidder (unregistered) on September 19th, 2005 @ 11:08 am

    I agree with your boyfriend on this. Last years performance left me with chills. This year, I was disappointed. I know they rewrote it in the last few weeks due to Katrina and I thought the music was great, but it was no ‘Sink, Sank, Sunk’.

    I did, however, see the Rebirth Brass Band on Friday night after Redmoon’s Spectacle and that left me elated.

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