Our Fave: Chicago blogs

[To the tune of I’m a Pepper] We’re a blog, she’s a blog, wouldn’t you like to be a blog, too? It’s our favorite Chicago blogs (excluding our own) …

Lauren says:

Wee Wonderfuls – An excellent Chicago crafty blog. This chick has time for EVERYTHING, and everything she makes is the new cutest thing I have ever seen. I hate her. And love her.

Tankboy says:

Man, this is a tough one. There are a bunch of Chicago based blogs I read daily for a number of reasons. Some are informative, some are entertaining, some feel like a peek inside someone’s personal treasure box and some are just consistently gut-bustingly hilarious. As far as rock lit crit and spazmo verbalizing goes, Jessica Hopper’s tinyluckygenius delights in twisting and pushing language as far as it will go. Anchored Nomad is great for a humorous look at a marriage involving an over-educated foreigner and his hilarious mate but get your reading in quick as they are soon departing Chicago for the wastelands of Michigan. No Milk Please is sporadic in its posts but when the site’s author Paul does write it is either moving or fabulously funny…or both at the same time. Finally a recent addition to my daily read is Broke As A Joke, which is actually part of a larger narrative comprised of a whole bunch of single female bloggers that is equal parts Judy Blume on a bender and Lenny Bruce with breasts.

There are so many more so you can surf the links at my page if you want but those are a few worthy of a specific call-out right now.

Nikkos says:

You think nikkos raises a stink on Metroblogs with his righteous indignation? You aint seen nuthin’. Witness driftglass.

Alana says:

This may be tacky, but I really love reading the posts from the friends I share MondoChicago.com with. The current point of interest is Princess D’s trek through the valley of student teaching. Having a blog that you share with friends is like having a stash box on your back porch that people
keep leaving little presents in.

Jennifer says:

This is a toughie — so many great ones to choose from. Lately, my consistent favorites have been:

Fresh Paint
Fresh Paint

A Daily Dose of Architecture

The Broken Heart of Rogers Park
The Broken Heart of Rogers Park

Fuzzy says:

There about 50 blogs in the “Chicago” folder of my newsreader, so I think I’ll be doing pretty good to narrow it down to these few. Tankboy noted tinyluckygenius, but I first found her through the equally entertaining Miles Raymer’s Critical, darling. There are millions* of theater companies in Chicago, but House Theatre is one of the few with a blog. I’ve been loving Looper‘s photo-exploration of, you guessed it, the Loop. And Gapers Block is such a cornucopia, with not one but a multitude of blogs.

Steven says:

Fave Chicago blog? Would have to be Chicago Metblogs, and not just because I’m an author, but because I don’t read any other blogs at all. The only type of blogs I visit with any regularity are photoblogs…with local guys milo and pablo at the top of my list.

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