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Our Fave: Chicago blogs

[To the tune of I’m a Pepper] We’re a blog, she’s a blog, wouldn’t you like to be a blog, too? It’s our favorite Chicago blogs (excluding our own) …

Lauren says:

Wee Wonderfuls – An excellent Chicago crafty blog. This chick has time for EVERYTHING, and everything she makes is the new cutest thing I have ever seen. I hate her. And love her.

Tankboy says:

Man, this is a tough one. There are a bunch of Chicago based blogs I read daily for a number of reasons. Some are informative, some are entertaining, some feel like a peek inside someone’s personal treasure box and some are just consistently gut-bustingly hilarious. As far as rock lit crit and spazmo verbalizing goes, Jessica Hopper’s tinyluckygenius delights in twisting and pushing language as far as it will go. Anchored Nomad is great for a humorous look at a marriage involving an over-educated foreigner and his hilarious mate but get your reading in quick as they are soon departing Chicago for the wastelands of Michigan. No Milk Please is sporadic in its posts but when the site’s author Paul does write it is either moving or fabulously funny…or both at the same time. Finally a recent addition to my daily read is Broke As A Joke, which is actually part of a larger narrative comprised of a whole bunch of single female bloggers that is equal parts Judy Blume on a bender and Lenny Bruce with breasts.

There are so many more so you can surf the links at my page if you want but those are a few worthy of a specific call-out right now.

Nikkos says:

You think nikkos raises a stink on Metroblogs with his righteous indignation? You aint seen nuthin’. Witness driftglass.

Alana says:

This may be tacky, but I really love reading the posts from the friends I share with. The current point of interest is Princess D’s trek through the valley of student teaching. Having a blog that you share with friends is like having a stash box on your back porch that people
keep leaving little presents in.

Jennifer says:

This is a toughie — so many great ones to choose from. Lately, my consistent favorites have been:

Fresh Paint
Fresh Paint

A Daily Dose of Architecture

The Broken Heart of Rogers Park
The Broken Heart of Rogers Park

Fuzzy says:

There about 50 blogs in the “Chicago” folder of my newsreader, so I think I’ll be doing pretty good to narrow it down to these few. Tankboy noted tinyluckygenius, but I first found her through the equally entertaining Miles Raymer’s Critical, darling. There are millions* of theater companies in Chicago, but House Theatre is one of the few with a blog. I’ve been loving Looper‘s photo-exploration of, you guessed it, the Loop. And Gapers Block is such a cornucopia, with not one but a multitude of blogs.

Steven says:

Fave Chicago blog? Would have to be Chicago Metblogs, and not just because I’m an author, but because I don’t read any other blogs at all. The only type of blogs I visit with any regularity are photoblogs…with local guys milo and pablo at the top of my list.

An apathetic “yay” for the Sox

The Sox clinched the AL Central title by defeating Detroit today; a feat that should have been a whole lot simpler had they not choked and played like a bunch of sissies near the end of the season. Leave it to the Sox to go from 15 games up to struggling in a month and a half.

While I will give the Sox a weak “yay”, I still prefer my team scrappy and with little hope.

9/30 Translucent Chocolates Showroom Opening Night

[press release]

East Pilsen has been a working artists community for over 40 years. Most of the live/work studio spaces surround some of the most beautiful gardens in the city- 60 spaces and even more artists will be displaying. All weekend long people mill in and out of the artist’s homes, strolling through the gardens, enjoying art, usually beautiful weather, and the unique architecture that East Pilsen is known for. BUT FRIDAY IS A MUST.

This year is especially exciting for Translucent Chocolates, which will officially opening its Showroom. The new boxes are excellent, the creative design is flawless, and the showroom is incredibly functional. And if all that isn

Where To Go

I take my car to a mechanic six miles away in West Edgewater. Why? He was once able to cut a $900 bill from the dealer down to $45. I would trust no one else with blanket instructions to “Give it a complete overhaul. Replace anything that needs replacing.” (His answer: “It all looked fine. Stop worrying.” The bill: $61. That included a change of oil.)

No I will not tell you where/who he is. It’s my secret. Okay, email me if you must know.

The only downside to this, and the reason for me writing this post, is that taking my car to him involves a couple hours in Edgewater with no car. Taking the bus back home is worthless, because by the time I get home, he’ll call and say the car is ready, and I just end up getting back on the bus. I walked up and down 5500-6000 N. Lincoln Avenue looking for somewhere to hang around while I wait, to no avail. I eventually ended up in a Dunkin Donuts, where I had the second worst latte of my life. Why, oh why did I order the large? I’m sure I’d get a better one at Starbucks, which my mechanic told me is two blocks further north, but anyone who knows me knows I’d never set foot in one of those. Plus, it’d only be marginally better.

This was a rather long-winded means to ask this question to all our readers (that’s you): Where’s a good place in that area to hang out or get a decent coffee drink that is NOT Starbuck’s? Also, are there any free wi-fi spots in the area? A cursory search on metrofreefi turns up very few options.

Scary Cheese


Behind the cheese curtain lurks the state with the highest number of serial killers per capita. Aren’t you glad you’re in Illinois, ya flatlander you?

The Modern Republican Party: Just Like a Street Gang, You must Commit A Crime to Join

This scorecard from Salon sums it all up rather nicely:
Tom DeLay (indicted)
Bill Frist (under SEC investigation)
Jack Abramoff (indicted)
David Safavian (arrested)
Michael Brown (to be fair, no crime committed other than his criminal stupidity. Of course, therefore, he is not a member in good standing and thus was forced to resign from the gang)
Bob Taft (pled guilty)
Randy Cunningham (under investigation)
And of course, the ongoing investigation of Karl Rove in relation to PlameGate.

From our own former Governor Ryan (trial underway), to Gov. Ernie Fletcher (under grand jury investigation), the modern GOP is a snake pit of corruption that would make Lincoln vomit in horror.

Chicago Quotes

“No realistic, sane person goes around Chicago without protection.”

– Saul Bellow (Playwright, novelist)

How About Them Apples?

how about them apples.jpg

When I was a kid, growing up in Louisville, KY, we made a yearly pilgrimage to Huber Orchard and Winery in Starlight, IN to pick apples and pumpkins, go on a hayride and sample some of that fine, fine Indiana wine.

Can anybody recommend any pick-em-yourself apple orchards and/or pumpkin patches within a reasonable drive from Chicago? Nothing says Fall like a bushel of freshly hand-picked apples, a jug of cider and some fat pumpkins.

I found this link, but not having been to any of these farms before I don

From Congo to Columbo to The Metro

mia fan.JPG

M.I.A. brought her grimy, electro hip hop favela funk to the confines of The Metro last night- and I have this cool souvenir fan to prove it (the backside says

One of the weirdest shows at Metro…

After hearing about the Sleater-Kinney show on 10/6 at Metro, I went to Metro’s site to check out if tix were still on sale (they are). Imagine my complete surprise, and shock…and horror….and even some dismay….when I saw the show scheduled for Wednesday, 10/5: Ashlee Simpson. Wha??? Definitely one of the weirdest shows I’ve heard about in a looooong time.

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