Metroblogging Karachi: Keep the Faith.

Snipped from our sister site and our sister city:
Metroblogging Karachi: Keep the Faith.:

Keep the Faith. CNN’s reporting over 42000 deaths since Saturday. Three million people are homeless. BBC just showed footage of the rains in Muzaffarabad today, that drenched the dead, the alive, the injured. The seasons are changing, and every day brings the dreaded winter closer. Each news report fills one with dread, and the worst part is: God forbid, things could get worse. We need to keep the faith alive. Allah Nighebaan.

P.S: I forgot to post this link earlier, but Geo TV’s website has dedicated a page for regular updates on the post-earthquake situation – click here for the latest news reports.

As with Katriana and Rita, Metrobloggers are reporting on another disaster–the earthquake in Pakistan. In my opinion, I don’t think traditional media is covering this story as closely as it should. Metroblogging Karachi is following it closely. To make things worse, from what I heard on NPR, it seems that relief agencies may not be getting enough funding to help out survivors.

edit Metroblogging Lahore has additional info.

Please, take a few moments out of your day to read up on this.

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