Poor Pierzynski

A.J. Pierzynski just keeps catching breaks in this playoff series, but they haven’t all been good. I’m watching the game as we speak (the winning game?), and just watched Escobar totally fubar his chance to stick it back to Pierzynski. Tsk Tsk, you need to have the ball in your GLOVE when you tag, silly.

Also, it almost looked like he was trying to throw the ball at Pierzynski when he realized the booboo. Regardless, the umps finally got a call clean and right.

While I love having a team this close to the World Series, I hate the kind of stupidity it brings out in people. My sister and I went to Sports Authority yesterday to pick up a birthday present for our dad. He’s a lifetime Sox fan from the west suburbs, and has great dismay over the fact that his daughters (who he pretty much raised as boys until our brother was finally born 9 years later) cheer for both local teams. We are nondenominational sports fans; we like it all local. He went to Wednesday nights playoff game, and was dismayed when he realized he didn’t have a Sox jersey to wear. Being good daughters, we decided to pick one up for him.

This dude walked past with his girlfriend, waited till he passed us, and then said to his girlfriend “Now EVERYONE wants to be a Sox fan”. In this really condescending and exasperated manner.

HEY ASSFACE!!! I was holding a men’s large polar fleece coat in my hand that was clearly not for me, not one of those lame ass pink Sox hats.

What is it about playoffs that makes people feel the need to prove that they are a superfan anyway? Do you live here more than I do? What gives you the right to turn away local support for your home team?

I have never wanted to kick anyone in the tailbone so hard. And, for the record, I have gone to 2 Sox games this year and watched every single one of their post season games. So take your snotty comments and shove it.

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  1. steven (unregistered) on October 17th, 2005 @ 8:33 am

    ha, assface

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