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Welcome to Denny


Denny Hastert (R-IL), Speaker of the House, enters the blogosphere!

Denny weighs in with a thrilling introduction to the intellectual whirlwind which is the

Scenes from Game 4


Barbara Bush, suddenly realizing this is NOT the daguerreotype of her youth.

I see drunk people!


As if ooky spooky tunes spun by my partner and yours truly wasn’t enough, there’s also a $100 gift certificate to innjoy being offered as a prize for best costume! w00t!

White Sox Coverage from another Blog

Lots of folks ’round the Blogosphere are commenting about the South Siders sweep. So far, this is my favorite comment. Here’s a snip…»«TBogg»«:

Dear Chicago

After sweeping the Astros everyone had snacks… 

I’m didn’t really care much one way or the other who won the World Series ((emphasis added by this blogger)although I did get a charge out of watching George H.W. and Barbara Bush witness something even more disappointing than their children), but it was nice to see an old school team win it for the second year in a row as opposed to those upstart spend-a-shitload-of-money-then-collapse teams (Marlins ’03, D’Backs ’01). Like a lot of baseball fans I would have liked to have seen Bagwell and Biggio win one before they retire, but, oh well.

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Open Source Chris Ware

Local awesomepants artist Chris Ware appeared on Open Source public radio to discuss graphic novels. You can listen to the hour-long show here.

Starbucks Fair Trade – Is that an oxymoron?

Starbucks, trying to look less like giant, faceless corporate behemoth it is, has made a promise to offerFair Trade coffee if a customer requests it. Read the full details in their press release (PDF).

Since bloggers are the disbelieving argumentative type, many have started holding Starbucks to their word and posting their experiences from making the Fair Trade request.

Local blog Specfuckingtacular is in on the fun, and posted a write-up from visiting the Merchandise Mart ‘buck.

The hometown paper

Loyalties, in Love and Baseball, are Sometimes Divided
by Sarah Viren

World Series: Island native living in Chicago feels allegiance to Astros, Sox

Alana Waters lives blocks from the White Sox

Breaking News: Miers Withdraws Nomination



88 years is a long time, baby

Congratulations Sox!


I sincerely hope you’re not getting your sports news from the Chicago Metroblog, but the White Sox just won the 4th game of the World Series 1-0 over the Astros and therefore won the World Series. (World Series? They play baseball in Japan, don’t they? And all over Latin America? Why aren’t they in the World Series? Oh, because “no challenges have been made by other leagues“? Oh well.)


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