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Paulie back on board

Paul Konerko is back on board with the Sox, and he’s flush with cash – $60 million for 5 years. If the Sox plan of staying within their previous payroll budget ($75 million), Konerko will be raking in about 1/6th of their total player budget. But will great cashflow comes great responsability… brought to you by the letter C. Konerko will be team captain.

While I am sure Thome was a good backup plan, it seems pretty shitty now that Rowand got traded so that the Sox could get a designated hitter. But, with Konerko’s hefty pay increase, it is pretty much a definite that “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas will be the next to leave the roster.

Can I get some backup here?

I heard from a little birdie that the Bottom Lounge might be recovering from its recent closure by setting up shop over in the West Loop. I tried to find some more info, but can’t. Anyone know if there is truth to this?

What a Real War on Christmas Might Look Like


In which I urge all ye God-fearing Christians to pick up the flaming sword of righteousness and take up the jihad against the secularization of Christmas by the godless, evil libruls. Although fellow Christian warriors have reported that it is hard to wield the sword of righteousness when you have a new Xbox 360 controller in one hand and a venti

Remembering July


Almost half a year ago, I posted a photo of flames churning out of that top floor apartment at right. Now they’re rebuilding. Good for them.

But what I remember most about that evening was that I logged on right after Jason’s This Hot Bitch post. It quickly became the most commented-upon piece in Chicago Metblog history. Understandably so.

The “hot bitch,” hoping to commit suicide, had just purposely driven her car into another car carrying three beloved area musicians: Michael Dahlquist, John Glick, and Douglas Meis. She survived. All three men were killed.

I knew none of them, but I remember that I spent days after that reading the Internet and papers, trying to thread together a paltry understanding of who they were. I asked for comfort and peace for those who were touched by their loss. I wondered at the inexplicable stupidity behind their deaths.

Then I did what bystanders do. I moved on.

So last week, when I drove by that building and saw it being renovated, I pulled over and snapped this photo. I remembered the three lives lost elsewhere that evening. I thought about how their friends and families must wish their loved ones, too, could be brought back with some yellow chuting and a dumpster.

Then, I drove on.

“Ultimate Blunders”


In light of the recent spate of vomiting throughout the metro area, it seems only fitting to bring to you an opportunity to share your humiliation with the world.

I was recently contacted by the producers of a forthcoming TLC show called

Bouldering at the Fitplex

Spider nikkos

The trick to having something interesting to talk about upon returning from a holiday is simple: you actually have to do something interesting over the holiday.

My little sister lives in the mountains of Colorado and works for a rock climbing magazine. Since she

I Can’t Believe my Metromixed Eyes

Did I read that right? Hillary Clinton will be at Crobar this Saturday night? Like officially? Like as a Senator?

“How Was Your Thanksgiving?”

One thing I can’t stand about holidays is the aftermath. I’m talking about the endless barrage of questioning that comes with every greeting for about a week afterward. If it just ended with “How was your Thanksgiving,” it’d be as bearable as every other “How are you?” But no; it’s invariably followed by “What did you do?” “Where’d you go?” “What did you eat?” and several other obvious questions.

For Christ’s sake – I went to family’s. We watched football and had turkey. It was delicious. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER YEAR.


I mean, just like “How are you,” who really cares? Who really wants to know?

Of course, if I ate at Jennifer’s, I’d have a more interesting (and gross) story.

Getting a real live tree!


This weekend officially starts the holiday season. For my girlfriend (and by association, me) that means getting a a real live Christmas Tree! Instead of buying one at one of those street corner Christmas tree shops that pop up out of nowhere, or a big corporate conglomerate such as Home Depot, we decided to stay local and head on down to Gethsemane Garden Center located at 5739 N. Clark Street.

Kiehl’s in Chicago

Maybe this is too “girlie” an entry, but I really had to write something about finding out that there’s a Kiehl’s store in Chicago. Where else could this store be but on Armitage. After years of ordering on-line or going to department stores to get Kiehl’s, I was so excited that there was one spitting distance away from home. And, it was great to not have to deal with the crowds of after-Thanksgiving shoppers or with department store counter people who weren’t really helpful.

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