Dear Sony “Street” Team,

Sony PSP faux-street art

OK, look, people are only going to be fooled that your stuff is real street art if you graffiti it on a wall (and don’t get caught tracing it) — if you just slap the stickers up, with their oh-too-perfect PSP logo right on it, it’s just too obvious. And if you’re going to stick your sticker over someone else’s ad, doing so over a PSA for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is just… tacky. Your corporate masters are already in enough trouble, buddy, without your “help”.

(Spotted in the bathroom at Cleo’s.)

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  1. EJ (unregistered) on November 28th, 2005 @ 10:54 am

    That’s CRAZY. I was walking around The Mission in San Fransico on Saturday (I think down Valencia street) and saw 3 of the characters painted on an old filling station wall. My sister and I stopped, looked and commented on them, saying what an interesting message that they were sending; Video games turn kids into zombies. The eyes are all crazy in swirling patterns. I didn’t read this as a positive message for video games. What would be sony’s objective here? Bizarre. I NEVER would have guessed. It actually looked pretty cool and seemed like a perfect anti-establishment mural for the funky mission area. Thanks for the post!

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