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Like rabbits

Didn’t Lauren just say something about new sibling cities? Because now we’ve got Dubai and Miami, too. How do Ma and Pa Metroblog do it?

Don’t say Omit-Vay

I wasn’t going to bring up how an awful virus hopped from my 5-year old (Wednesday night) to the 1-year old (Thursday night) to me (Friday night) to John (last night). But tonight I checked in on some of my favorite blogs, and One Good Thing reports she had the same type of “holiday,” which she posted about under the title “Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever.”

So, if you, too, spent your weekend lugging armloads of vomit-filled bed linens to the washing machine in the middle of the night and lining wastebaskets with grocery bags and placing them next to bedsides, you can now take comfort in knowing you weren’t the only barfers.

If the internet isn’t to be used for the spreading of rumors, than what is it good for?

So, my best friend’s sister’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who works at the FBI and says they have a cash pool on when Daley will be indicted. “Before Christmas” is only paying out 2-1, whereas “Daley gets invited to get out of politics” pays 35-1.


Illinois Bloggers

Illinois Bloggers

Lennie from Cross Blogging has started a listing of Illinois bloggers called, oddly enough, Illinois Bloggers. The site features two alphabetical lists of blogs, self-categorized by the bloggers as to whether their political views are “Center-Left” or “Center-Right”, and excerpts from the recent posts of the listed blogs. Given its political focus, most of the blogs listed are political and I’m not certain if it’ll be listing personal blogs, knitting blogs, city-based group blogs (cough), etc. (I’ve asked Lennie that question by email.)

Update: The site has added a “non-political bloggers” section.


Axel lives in the doorway across the street from me. Right now, as I’m staring out the window trying to think of something to write, he’s undressing on the sidewalk. Please don’t continue with the long johns, Axel. Please.

How do I know Axel? He asks me for money every day. He steals from my friends. He frequents the same shops I do, but I never see him buy anything. One fine morning I confronted him for taking the tip jar from my favorite coffeeshop. The list goes on.

I used to dream of helping people like Axel, but now I have no idea what to do, especially when I can’t afford to pay my own gas bill. It’s forty-five degrees out there, and his jeans are still laying on the sidewalk.

Holidays in Detention

Just a quick note on how the 350+ kids in detention will be celebrating Thanksgiving:

They will have Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Cranberries. This will be “real” food, probably better than your average college’s dorm food.

There will be some sort of Holiday entertainment too; but I have no idea what that is. There is a rumor that there will be some sort of a talent show, but, given that I don’t have anyone in Detention this year, I can’t say for certain.

That’s all. Go back to eating.

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First, ask why this happened.

As I’m writing this, there’s a twelve year old in Cook County Juvenile Detention Center on the charge of 1st degree murder. He isn’t the first and he won’t be the last. Technically, he isn’t the youngest person ever charged for 1st degree murder–that goes to the kids falsely accused of killing Ryan Harris. To be fair, this isn’t even the most disturbing thing I’ve heard since I started working in the Juvenile Court–and a 12 year old accused of murder is pretty damn disturbing.

Here’s what I can tell you what happened this week:
The kid was arraigned–which means they described what the charges were for the client and the family. He was also, probably, held in custody until his trial date. There is a chance that he was released on home confinement/Electronic monitoring (house arrest and wearing a bracelet); although, given the level of attention this case is going to get, I doubt that option was exercised.

A hearing date was also, probably set. At this point, Probation’s role is at a minimum. The POs in the unit, including the supervisor, are waiting for the case to be assigned for a social investigation-this is a court document that is designed to evaluate the child’s environment, school records and create a treatment plan to rehabilitate the client.

I also know that it isn’t the judge I thought it was going to be. But the entire department is watching this closely; so should the rest of the city.

There is something fundamentally wrong in a society when children are even accused of committing such violent acts. Before we say that this kid is guilty, and before we fault the system, we–as a city–need to look to the reasons why this event happened.

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An open letter to all points of consumerism

Dear Stores of Chicago;

‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’? Really? Already?

I realize that Christmas is just a short 32 days away, but Thanksgiving is only 1 day away. How do you think that makes Thanksgiving feel? Sure, Thankgiving doesn’t have the chipper soundtrack that makes people just want to SHOP SHOP SHOP like Christmas does, but do you really have to flaunt it right in Thanksgiving’s face like that? You couldn’t wait just 2 days to start the Christmas mayhem? It’s bad enough that Thanksgiving already knows that most people look forward to the day after it more than the actual day of giving thanks.

Some of us really like Thanksgiving. The turkey, the overeating, the pie, the turkey. Did I mention the turkey? Even more of us don’t want to start stressing about Christmas this early.

Please please please, for the love of Turkey, refrain from all the Christmas songs until Black Friday. For Thanksgiving’s sake.

New Kids to Pick On!

We love a good tease, and there is no one better to tease than younger siblings. That is why we get so excited whenever we launch a new city – say hi to Metroblogging Vancouver and Metroblogging Islamabad!

Too late for mile-high boobies?

HootersAir, the unlikely marriage between the friendly skies and bright orange hotpants, is facing trouble with its Chicago / Rockford service line. Apparently Windy City residents aren’t knocking each other down to get tickets (and buffalo wings!), and are opting for ‘regular’ airlines, like United.

Service *might* stop as early as January 6th, so you can still book a flight for the holidays – if that’s what blows your skirt up.

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