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Snow Sculpture for Chicago

Snow Sculpture
Photo by Martha Williams for Time Out

The historic Goldblatt Building (1613 W Chicago), originally the first store in the Goldblatt Brothers Department Store chain, is now a City of Chicago office building. The Department of Cultural Affairs commissioned 12 artists to create works of art for the building.

Weeks ago, before I knew all this (and before there was any signage), I ran across the only one of these pieces visible from the street — Tony Tasset’s Snow Sculpture for Chicago. It’s a note-perfect pile of dirty Chicago snow, complete with embedded trash, on display in a display window. It’s awesome. It’s startling when there’s no snow on the ground, and it’s verisimilitude when there is snow is striking.

Two weeks ago, I drug a friend over to West Town to see the sculpture again and there was now a sign up identifying the artist and describing the work. There was also a photographer inside the case taking a picture of a man I assumed was the artist. While I was animatedly exclaiming about the sculpture, the photographer motioned me and my friend forward. And now, in this week’s Time Out, there we are… me observing Tony Tasset on display beside his artwork that’s about observation and display. Or something.

Time Out Chicago: Art avalanche

An Open Letter to Target

Dear Target,

I just want to start off this letter by letting you know that I really really like you. I somehow find myself inside your hallowed halls at least once a week. I appreciate you bringing good design to the masses and manufacturing the only cat food that my cats like. I was especially excited when I bought a great pair of flapped angora gloves from you a month ago in apple green. They were my absolute dream gloves. But I got a huge hole in them Christmas day, and returned to the store to buy another pair today. I went to your store on Howard over my lunch break to cure my insatiable need for excellent gloves, only to find about 2 pairs of gloves in stock. I was not deterred as, between you and me, I find this location inferior to most Targets. I headed over to the Elston store tonight only to find the same situation.

Now, let me stress, it was not that you were out of gloves. There were no empty racks due to a mad rush for excellent gloves. You simply did not have any. When I visited you a week ago, you were busting at the seams with gloves.

Do people stop buying gloves after Christmas? Is it simply a novelty thing of the whole winter winderland time of the year? Because, I can assure you, many people require excellent gloves past December 25th. You should know, you grew up in Minnesota! Shame on you! The worst of the cold isn’t even here yet.

Please pull your head out from the spot it currently resides – straight up your ass – and get some gloves back in stock before I resort to sticking hot baked potatoes in my pockets to keep warm.

So over New Year’s

Is it just me, or does the lineup for every single event on New Year’s Eve just completely blow? I know that we are supposed to be the best place EVER to have New Year’s according to Hotwire (thanks Gaper’s Block), but I am just not feeling it this year. I’m typically not around town this time of year (luck has found me in Las Vegas in the last couple of years), and the times that I have gone out I have been consistently pissed off by botched plans, ridiculous cold, and the complete inability to get a train / cab / bus / all of the above. That said, who has anti-New Year’s plans?

love, in an underpass


Old Skool

Well, not that old skool…. we’re talking 1993-95 here. Anyhow, I used to sing in this little band called The Fighters. We broke up years ago, but in a fit of nostalgia, we decided to play a reunion show.


You should come. Also, The Modernist‘s co-founder Eric Ottens is in town for a couple days and will be manning the turntables along with John Dugan and myself. If you ever wanted the lowdown on teaching English in Japan, this is the guy to talk to.

Positive Development in Bucktown

Just was out on this gloomy day and passed the corner at Wabansia and Milwaukee, new stoplight and all, where the new Bucktown/Wicker Park library has sprouted up out of nowhere. It looks pretty nice, and it has to be better than the tiny clubhouse of a library that I used to live by at Damen and Dickens. I don’t think it’s open yet though.

Do people go to libraries anymore? I wonder. The printed word is being killed off by our evil computers! Now we have movable type…

As for positive development elsewhere in Bucktown, I have yet to find it. I’ve never seen so many awful ugly structures go up so quickly. How long can it last?

Christmas booty.

Whilst I feel Nikkos’ pain, allow me to offer these sage words of advice: Once you get past the initial snags of plugging into a digital musical life-style — and there are always snags — there is no going back. These words come from a guy who vowed to never give up vinyl…and then tapes…and then CDs…

However, if the iPod causes you too much grief you could always go with the super old-school gift to yourself by returning the player and picking up the Complete Calvin & Hobbes collection instead. I guarantee you won’t have to practice any of the iPod “Rs” with that selection, though you will have to “r”ead it to truly appreciate it.

It is so awesome.


I’m an American, and therefore completely ignorant of world geography, so I had to look up Mumbai to discover that it is the city formerly known as Bombay (until 1997 — I am very behind the times). A city of 20 million, the commercial capital of and largest port in India, home to Bollywood, and, now, the 40th Metroblogging city.

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