WaMu, Screw You

Remember when I wrote that warm and fuzzy (note lowercase f, not uppercase as in Fuzzy) post about Washington Mutual moving into my neighborhood and not charging for their ATMs? Well, surprise, surprise, they’re now gouging at two bucks a pop just like the greedy rest of ’em.

They pulled the rug from under their friendly greeting without warning as soon as they could, proving that they’re uninspired corporate types and not the enlightened business gurus I hoo-haa’d them to be. It also means they’re cruddy neighbors.

Forget. I. Ever. Mentioned. Them. Please.

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  1. Irene (unregistered) on December 7th, 2005 @ 10:58 am

    Yeah, we pretty much changed back to Bank One or JP Morgan or Chase or whatever they’re calling themselves now-a-days. I figure at least Bank One is honest about being theives whereas WaMu is a bit sneakier. And, WaMu’s customer service which I used to love has gone the way of the dinosaur!

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