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The 7


I was as excited as a little kid upon opening a brand new iPod shuffle on Christmas morning- thanks Mom!

I sat on the living room floor at Mom


Did you know that the world’s largest laundromat is located just down the way in Berwyn? Not only is it ginormous, but they have free wifi access and free pizza on Wednesdays. I thought the Coke vending machine that still charges 50 cents at 24 Hour Coin Laundry on Elston was hottt; man was I wrong.

The New York Times has a full article on the reopening of World’s Largest Laundromat.

Holiday Burn Out

Santa’s Morning After

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Hey folks–

This is pretty much it, the holiday home stretch (unless you’re one of those poor saps that volunteered to hold a New Year’s Eve Party).

Even if you feel like our buddy Santa over here, you’ve only got a few hours left before your life returns to normal.

Hopefully, you have all of your holiday shopping done; but if you don’t, let me give you a bit of help. Chia-Pets are on sale at Osco. Everyone loves Chia Pets.

Earwax (Cafe) at Home

Why has it taken me this long to find out that Earwax Cafe delivers?

For that matter, how did I not know they have a website and a downloadable database of all their movies? How awesome is that?

Unfortunately, I found out last night that the delivery guy is on a bike, so I don’t feel good about using this service to get my veggie burritos until spring.




Ghosts of Christmases Past: No. 3 (Final)

Municipal Christmas trees in Grant Park. December 13, 1913.

Photo source is the Chicago Daily News database. [Please note that I searched it for Hanukkah (and Chanukkah and Hanukah) images and had no luck. So I’m sorry to those of you celebrating Hanukkah. I wish I could have included a couple “ghosts of Hanukkah past” too.]

Happy Holidays to one and all.

:) —> :(


The Fourth One’s Free

My license plate was knocked off the front of my car for the fourth time since I moved into this city. Now I’ve already ranted about this six months ago, so instead I’m focusing on the positive that came out of this situation.

I may have also said this before, but Norm’s Automotive Clinic is the best darn mechanic ever. In the past he’s knocked a $900 bill (the dealer’s estimate) to $50. Honestly, for $50, my car’s running much better a year later! Today, he put my license plate back on the car and didn’t even charge me.

Thank you and merry Christmas, Norm.

Now seriously, people, stop backing into my car.

4th Circuit Court Denies Government Motion to Shift Former Chicagoan Jose Padilla from Military to Civilian Court; Says Padilla

I may be a former gang member but as an American citizen I still have rights.

With nary a peep from the Trib or Sun-Times, we go to the NYT for the blow-by-blow:

Court Refuses U.S. Bid to Shift Terror Suspect

“WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 – A federal appeals court delivered a sharp rebuke to the Bush administration Wednesday, refusing to allow the transfer of Jose Padilla from military custody to civilian law enforcement authorities to face terrorism charges.

In denying the administration’s request, the three-judge panel unanimously issued a strongly worded opinion that said the Justice Department’s effort to transfer Mr. Padilla gave the appearance that the government was trying to manipulate the court system to prevent the Supreme Court from reviewing the case. The judges warned that the administration’s behavior in the Padilla case could jeopardize its credibility before the courts in other terrorism cases.”

This case has several remarkable aspects:

Selamat tengahari, nǐ hăo, vanakam, and hello

To Metblog City #39, Singapore.

(“Hello” in the four official languages of Singapore from Freelang, so apologies if I actually just said I like to eat the umbrellas in spring.)

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