Digging In A Little Deeper: Continuing Alito Coverage


I see it as a continuing public service to provide you with primary sources regarding the career of Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito, so that you may weigh the evidence and make your own decisions.

Here’s is the text of a 1986 memo in which Alito recommends a pilot program using Presidential signing statements as a way to increase the President’s power in shaping how legislation is interpreted- and thus implemented.

What are Presidential signing statements and what danger may they pose to our system of government?

Digby breaks it down for you here. Essentially, Presidential signing statements- such as that tacked on to the recent Defense Appropriations bill which contained the McCain amendment banning cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of detainees in U.S. custody- provide Bush with a loophole which you could drive a Humvee through for any law which he sees fit to violate.

For coverage of the confirmation hearings from the right, left and center (respectively) check out:

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Dig in!

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