Calling all wannabe-losers

That’s a compliment, honest. I’m referring to the Chicago casting call for the tv show, The Biggest Loser. It’s actually not a bad show. I mean, it is reality tv, so it’s naturally seen as being toward the bottom of the programming barrel. But at least the folks on this show are working hard at bettering their current situation, even if the obvious incentive is the $250,000 grand prize for losing the most weight. But I’m wondering…how many of the people who don’t make it, which will be 99.9%, will go back to their unhealthy ways? Do some see the show as their sole chance to get healthy, thus reverting to their old habits if they don’t make it? After reading an article in today’s Trib, I realize that some are using the show to help them along in their jouney to weight loss and better health. That’s awesome. Whatever works. I just hope that others realize they don’t need to be on tv to take the weight off.

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