Mistakes were made, but you know what? We learned.

It was the 90’s, a guy I know worked in a club. Big ass club where the kids can go. So one kid thought if he brought some of the pot, the club would be way better. So kid is sneaking some fun with the pot, and guy I know spots him at which time, the plan kicks in:

1. worker 1 goes up to kid and takes the pot
2. kid is very angry
3. worker 2 goes back to kid and explains how worker 1 is an asshole and that it’s not a big deal, and that he can get the pot back for kid, but since it’s not allowed, he’s going to have to pay for it.
4. kid is pissed, but happy to be able to have the pot for the rest of the night, so he pays worker 2 for his own pot
5. soon after, worker 1 goes back to kid and takes the pot AND kicks kid out of the club
6. kid is very angry

so the kid loses his money and the pot and gets kicked out of the club. don’t do drugs.

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