“24” Open Thread

Having vanquished the terrorist threat within the White House, Jack Bauer sets is sights on the diabolical and ubiquitous Chuck Norris.

“24” is awfully close to jumping the shark- you can see the fin just breaking the surface of the water.

The exchange between Cummings and Logan last night, in which Cummings preemptively confesses his involvement in a terrorist plot to detonate nerve gas canisters in Central Asia in order to prove the existence of WMD, was a real eye-roller. Add to that the fact that Logan acquiesced so easily and without hesitation to cooperate with Cummings to cover up the whole episode and one can begin to hear the strains of a familiar two-note bass figure picking up speed and reaching a crescendo.

Sound off- what did you think about last night’s episode?

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  1. tankboy (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 11:33 am


    1. Put the type in white or type in big caps “SPOILER ALERT” when you write these things. Lots of folks tape or Tivo the show and don’t watch it until today or Wednesday. I learned this the hard way when I ruined Tony’s return to the show for one of my own readers.

    2. Logan rolling was totally in character. The man is eager to believe almost anything in order to not appear ineffectual to the world outside.

    3. No shark jumping here yet. So far everything fits right in with the sort of events one is set to expect in the 24 world. Unless Kim Bauer rides in astride a cougar. Then I’ll acquiesce to your opinion.

  2. nikkos (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 12:34 pm

    When it comes to spoiler alerts, I think you give the Chi Metblogs readership far too little credit. Who reads a blog post about the previous night’s “24” with the expectation they will learn nothing about what happened?

  3. tankboy (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 12:41 pm

    Lots of folks, actually.

  4. nikkos (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 1:39 pm

    Well, I can’t be expected to accomodate that kind of stupidity.

  5. Dem (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 2:29 pm

    Dumbfounded president easily influenced by his administration, which wants to plant WMDs with terrorists, in order to produce a reason to attack? Hmmmmmm, interesting. Left wing writing at its finest. Even as a lefter myself, this made the ole eye role severly away from the TV.

  6. Mr. Smith (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 10:18 pm

    I agree with Tankboy. Logan is weak and he gravitates toward anyone in a position of strength. He’s always seeking to legitimize his presidency.

    I also liked that Cummings had a reason to be a bad guy other than “I like money.” It’s sort of unusual for the bad white guys (as opposed to the bad non-white guys who always seem to be driven by ideology).

    I’m still incredibly taken in by this show. They’re being smart about dispatching with plotlines that would get tiresome quickly: the First Lady is crazy, President Logan is totally in the dark, Jack is in a love triangle, etc. and keeping things moving.

  7. Jason (unregistered) on February 1st, 2006 @ 11:51 pm

    24 a leftist show? In your dreams. The primary message of 24 is “act unconstitutionally and torture at will.”

    That said, it’s my favorite show on television.

    Although, last night during that moment you’re talking about, I was saying out loud, “this is the worst show on television.”

    But, I thought they moved past it quickly enough for me to forget it ever happened.

    Also, I’m glad I don’t live in LA, because it is a hotbed of terrorist activity. Not to mention a great place for presidents to sign treaties and/or get killed.

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