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In this installment, learn about “The Meth Epidemic,” “One Book, One Chicago,” an anti-war in Iraq benefit at HotHouse, Chicago’s “Deep Tunnel,” and how to be a rap video extra.

Last night’s FRONTLINE broadcast was entitled “The Meth Epidemic.” Here’s a state-by-state map illustrating the penetration of meth into Illinois. Follow this link to watch the entire program online.

Of the many interesting facts I learned from watching the program, the most interesting was to see how the purity of the drug directly correlated to the number of deaths and violent incidents among its users over a span of about 10 years. Surprisingly, most of the meth consumed in the early 90’s came from the drug labs of Mexican drug kingpins the Amezcua brothers.

Another interesting fact is the level of opposition exerted by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry to stop the U.S. government from imposing restrictions on their industry (whose component chemicals are used to cook meth).

“One Book, One Chicago” announced its pick for the one book all Chicagoans should read this year. No, it’s not “A Million Little Pieces.”

It’s “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a novel which recounts one man’s struggle for survival in a Soviet gulag.

Benefit for March 18th Antiwar Coalition with Cindy Sheehan & Juan Torres
Cindy Sheehan and Juan Torres, both of whom lost sons in combat (Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively) are hosting a benefit this Saturday at HotHouse to raise funds to mark the third anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq on March 18. (Hat tip to New City)

Chicago’s “Deep Tunnel” is almost finished– after more than 30 years and a price tag of $30 billion.

Wanna be in a rap video? Then get thee to Four in Bucktown to be in the crowd for a video shoot for Chicago-based DJ Bear Who?. Shooting begins at 8 am this Sunday (since this is a rap video, I should probably clarify that the video shooting begins at 8 am). Ouch, that’s early. I guess you could always party at Four on Saturday night then kill a few hours at the Hollywood Grill. (Another Hat Tip to New City. Somebody over there is workin’!)

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