“If it doesn’t have Chuck Norris in it, I won’t watch it.”

I just want to share this story with the rest of Chicago:

The cliché about traveling is true:  half the fun is getting there.  As long as the crying from kids is kept to a minimum or my headphones can drown them out, I do not care how long the flight is.  9 times out of 10,  the people sitting next to me don’t care either.  We all zone out and do our own thing.

My last flight back into Chicago, however, was a bit different.  I sat next to a guy who transports trailers and mobile homes out west; he lives in Elkhart, Indiana.  At first we talked about our jobs–when I told him mine, he told me, “I could never do that child raising thing.  I’ve got 3 kids.  Got divorced from my first wife after 7 years.  I couldn’t get the hang of it.  And Today… Today you cant’ beat a kid even when they need it.  I used to beat my son until he figured out what he was supposed to do.  He doesn’t beat his kids, and he has no control over them…”

I quickly changed the subject to something other than raising kids and jobs. 

My new friend also wanted to “just look over my shoulder” while i watched a movie on my Mac.  I let him, mostly because that meant I got to put my head phones on and not deal with him.  Or so I thought.

I put on an episode of my favorite show,  and listened as my new friend had to comment on everything that occured during that episode.  “She looks like a man.  Why do the girls have to look mannish?  Where are the aliens?”

I paused and tried to explain how acclaimed the show is.  He stopped me, and gave me a quote I will remember all my life:

“If It doesn’t have Chuck Norris in it, I won’t watch it.”

I just went back to watching TV on my Mac.

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  1. elizabeth (unregistered) on February 23rd, 2006 @ 3:23 pm

    “She looks like a man. Why do the girls have to look mannish? Where are the aliens?”

    The child beating is one thing. But come on, “aliens”? Cylons, man. They’re called Cylons.

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