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The Friendly Confines….of Walter E. Smythe Field?!? WTF?!?


Welcome to Walter E. Smythe Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs!

How does that sound to you, Cubs fans? That’s the rumor floating around town. The Score (670 AM) reported this morning that the Tribune Co and WES are working on a deal to rename Wrigley Field “Walter E. Smythe Field”.

What?!?? Huh?!?! Who’s the moron that thought up this deal? You can’t change the name of Wrigley Field. It’d be a slap in the face of tradition. Is nothing sacred these days? Does the Tribune need the money that badly that they’re willing to sell away the Cubs’ main selling point? Cuz it sure isn’t the team that brings the folks in. Everyone knows if it wasn’t for Wrigley, the Cubs mystique would disappear faster than their playoff hopes. Renaming the bleachers to “Bud Light Bleachers” is bad enough. But changing the name of Wrigley….just doesn’t make sense.

And I must admit, while the whole situation makes me ill, the fact that WES is involved makes me want to vomit up the egg/bacon/broccoli omelet I had for breakfast. They have some of the most inane, idiotic commercials I have ever seen. We get it. You’re trying to be cool. It ain’t working. Stick to the furniture.

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it’s worked before…


hey all. i’ve tried this before with sleater-kinney tickets and it worked brilliantly, thanks to super reader mark. so now i’m trying it again, this time for ladytron tix (metro, fri april 21). i’ve heard they can be had online for $160, but i’m not into them that much. so, anyone got some extras they’re willing to unload? like last time, if it works out, i’m willing to buy some beers for the kind soul who comes thru. perhaps maybe even some conversation as well. i’d also be willing to offer a print of a pic i’ve posted in the past, either on this site or my own.

email me at smd71 [@] hotmail [dot] com. thanks.

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Coming Home

Coming Home
Ben Taylor and Searah Deysach

Last night was a DVD release party at Jackhammer for Coming Home, the first video release from local “women-oriented, boy-friendly” sex toy store Early to Bed. It’s, um, porn. With naked ladies (only).

Directed by Carolyn Caizzi (Turn Me Up Over and On), Coming Home features four vignettes, each with a real-life, Chicago-based lesbian couple. It’s not stereotypical porn — the women are a variety of body shapes and sizes and the sex seems pretty real (if a little sex toy-heavy — product placement, Early to Bed?). Searah Deysach, Early to Bed owner and the movie’s producer, said she hopes this film is just the first in an eventual series.

(Full disclosure: my friend Ben Taylor contributed a song for one scene, and his old band Beat Down Sound did another one.)

Will go to jail for SXSW

Local Chicagoan Cat Chow has gotten herself into some very very toasty water, and it isn’t due to her awesomely bizarre fashion sense. Apparently desperate to make her way to Austin for SXSW, Ms. Chow snuck onto a plane and hid in the little ladies room. To add insult to injury, she also had a bit of pot along for the ride. Yikes!

More coverage on Metroblogging Austin…

You might be wondering…

You might be wondering why I have been relatively silent of late on many of the issues of the day- immigration, Iran, the Moussaoui trial, Republican malfeasance in its many forms, etc., etc. The truth is I feel like I need a different forum- one that isn’t expressly Chicago-centric- in which to air those thoughts and questions.

So I created one.

I’ll continue to post here at Metroblogging Chicago, which has been a source of daily inspiration, but I’ll also range a bit further afield at my new home, ‘my friends call me nikkos.’

Stop by and say howdy!

Modernist Society on Thurs


People. I invite you to the second to last Modernist Society Chicago, this Thursday at Darkroom. The fine band My Were They will play, and Time Out Chicago’s Clubs editor, John Dugan, and myself will DJ.

Long Days

Is it just me or do the days seem to be incredibly long? I’m waiting for the sun to come out and can do without the dreariness that seems to have come over Chicago. From the weather channel it seems that I won’t have to wait long for the sun.


Baby Mongeese

It seems like every post I make is about government corruption, crime or worse. So, today to follow up a terrible crime, I also give you a link to new additions to the Brookfield Zoo. Click here for baby animal pictures. Brookfield Zoo :

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Suburb Watch

This Link: Chicago Tribune | Bond denied for father in daughter’s killing goes on mention a suburban murder. I am a bit disturbed, but not surprised, about the statement that, “additional charges may be filed, pending an autopsy.”

Suburbia has it’s share of crime, but it rarely makes front page news. In my experience, suburban crime tend to be a bit more disturbing and get a lot more press time. As an aside, it’ll be interesting to track this news story, just to see how much press time it actually gets in comparison to other stories.

I do have another reason for bringing attention to this story–the majority of my family lives in the suburb mentioned in the article. They’re telling me that this crime is the talk of the town, and a complete and total shock. I am too jaded to be shocked by this, but, not too cynical to not feel for the family and the community. I hope that Clarendon Hills, and the survivors of this tragedy, can find some solace soon.

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break out the coolers…


…and the beer and frisbees…we got a warm one on the way….

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