Republican Values, Pt. 2

“Hello, my name is Peter LaBarbera, from the Illinois Family Institute.
If I had my way, I’d ban Skittles. By encouraging the youth of America
to “Taste the Rainbow,” they might as well replace our pre-schools with bathhouses.”

We’ve come across the ranting of the eunuch known as Peter LaBarbera before.

Via Pandagon, I learned this afternoon that Judy Baar Topinka is under fire from Peter LaBarbera from the “Illinois Family Institute” for, in his words, “pro homosexual activism.” He’s even launched a website, Apparently Judy B. has appeared in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade. The horror.

But there’s more: “One photograph purports to show Topinka, the state’s treasurer, posing with gay marriage supporters.” And by “posing,” the don’t mean, say, posing atop a box while hooded and holding electrodes in each outstretched hand, as Republicans prefer. No, they mean posing as in posing for a fun, friendly picture. While smiling. With gay people. Again, the horror.

But nikkos, you protest, LaBarbera is in no way associated with the Republican party! Not so fast, Republican replicant (alas, I repeat myself).

Pandagon helpfully provides a link to this article from the AP: “Oberweis campaign coordinator promoting anti-Topinka Web site.” Read the whole article. Even good ol’ Alan Keyes makes an appearance. I shit you not.

But perhaps the funniest line of the whole article is its very last. In referencing Keyes, the article states: “The state GOP imported Keyes from Maryland after the party’s original nominee, Jack Ryan, withdrew amid an embarrassing sex scandal.”

It always makes me smile when Republicans turn on each other.

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