The Txt Msg Hall of Fame


This is the first in what I hope will be a recurring feature here on Metroblogging Chicago: “The Txt Msg Hall of Fame.” But like all good blogging, I need your help- send your text messages to me today for inclusion in the TMHOF! (details below)

Our inaugural entries are provided by a good friend of mine whose text messages are mind-boggling. This dude has the kavorka, as you will soon witness. Each of the text messages is from a different young lady. I can vouch that they are absolutely real.

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Txt Msg #1:
“Hi Mike! Was great meeting U2! Will definitely call next time in Chicago to touch your penis. Call if in LA/SD again.”

Txt Msg #2:
“I love you. UR beautiful. You hit on my best friend. Call me tomorrow.”

Txt Msg #3:
“Your T-Mobile bill is past due.”

Ooops, that last one was mine. Sorry ’bout that.

Not a bad start if I say so myself, and one can only imagine that the stories behind the first two text messages are interesting, to say the least. Those stories, however, will have to wait for another entry.

So, have any great text messages you feel compelled to share? I’m looking for the funny, the tragic, the sublime, the dirty and perverted- whatever you got.

Send them to me at Let me know your first name, nickname or screen name in order to protect your identity and sit back and enjoy your 4.3 seconds of blogfame.


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