CTA Lost and Found

Excuse me while I rant.

I took bus 6150, the eastbound Belmont run (route #77) back home today. As I was getting off the bus, my wallet, which includes my badge (#797), fell out of my pocket. I tried getting back on the bus, but the either the driver ignored me or he couldn’t hear me. I couldn’t catch up to the bus either.

After wheezing my way home, I’ve spent 20 minutes on hold trying to talk to a person about getting my wallet back. They took my name, my number and they were going to see if they could find it.

My stupid loss brings up two points of discussion: Have you ever lost, and then found, something on the CTA? Or, have you ever found something on the CTA and turned it in?

I am now off to make more phone calls.

edits and updates after the bump

edit #1: The first set of phone calls was to cancel my credit card. Easy enough. The second set was to report a missing/stolen badge. That has been, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass. I dialed 311, and I was transferred immediately to a police officer. So far, so good. He was taking my information and his computer locked up. He sent me back into the system. I then talked to someone else–who proceeded to yell, over the phone, that I needed to get my butt to the nearest police station. When I told her that she did not need to be rude, she interrupted me, told me that I was wrong, and that SHE was talking. I responded again with “You do not need to take that tone of voice with me.” She hung up the phone. I do not believe that being rude and hanging up the phone is part of Chicago 311–Chicago’s OTHER help line–training.

edit #2: The Police. I “got my butt” over to the nearest police station and reported my missing badge. They were surprisingly nice about the entire affair. We swapped lost badge stories. Talked about 311. They did not make me feel like a complete tool–which is nice. All in all, they were professional and sympathetic. While it doesn’t bring my star back, it did make me feel like less of an ass.

Edit #3: A happy ending. I called again at 9:30 and asked “Did anyone happen to find a wallet with badge?” To which I was greeted with, “yes, and shame on you.” I raced over, picked up my lost belongings, and celebrated. This is still not over. I have a lot of people to talk to still AND people to thank. Still. I got it back.

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  1. nickd (unregistered) on March 6th, 2006 @ 3:55 pm

    A passenger next to me left her book on the Red Line once… she got off at Addison and we got off at Belmont, so we gave it to the Belmont attendant after calling the number in the interior flap and getting somebody who didn’t know of any such book.

  2. Cec (unregistered) on March 7th, 2006 @ 10:11 am
  3. Nicolette Kittinger (unregistered) on March 8th, 2006 @ 12:08 am

    I too lost my wallet on the Belmont bus. But I thought that I had lost in on campus, and so I hadn’t made any phone calls.
    About a week later, I got a tattered notecard in the mail from the CTA lost and found, telling me to come get it. So, I went, and of course, all $80 of my money was gone, which I’d figured it would be, but all my other stuff (including my U-Pass) was still present.
    One thing that was upsetting though, is that if you have the notecard they’ve mailed, they don’t ask you to describe the lost item, because a description is on the card. So, you know, anyone can get a hold of one of these things and go claim your wallet.

  4. Toni Pristo (unregistered) on March 8th, 2006 @ 8:52 am

    I was robbed on the CTA. Yep, took my wallet right out of the purse. The police later found the wallet, however emptied, in a garbage can. At least the thief was careful not to litter!

  5. Chuckles (unregistered) on March 8th, 2006 @ 12:53 pm

    Shame on you, Officer Gleason! SHAME!!!

    I never lose anything. Cuz I’m a genius, see!

    OR perhaps I never lose anything because I rewrite sectros of my memory to edit out and rephrase entire passages of my life.

    I can never remember which I do.

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