Rent or Own? Pt II

In an earlier post, I talked about my dilemma regarding whether to continue renting or to make the leap and purchase some property of our own. We’re still going the rental route, and the search is turning out to be more fun than I expected. Case in point: the elderly grandmother whose apartment we checked out. You gotta love that generation for their brutal honesty…unless they turn on you…

With an Apartment Finders rep and the building caretaker in tow, I visited the grandmother’s (we’ll call her Ruth, because she reminded me of an elderly neighbor I had when i was a kid) apartment Monday night. Nice space, but a bit messy…not on Ruth’s part, but the walls were a bit cracked, the carpeting was old and the kitchen was woefully out of date. Ruth said she’d been living in the apt for 12 years. I was still excited about the space because there was so much of it…multiple closets, 2 bedrooms (though it was listed as 1br)…much bigger than what we currently have. So I made an appt for the next day so my wife could see it as well.

Jump to yesterday afternoon. Same group of folks (with the addition of my wife). We walk in and right off the bat I’m determined to get more info than the night before. First question:

Me: So, how is the noise level with the people above you? (it’s a first floor apartment)
Ruth: Oh, it’s terrible! He sews all night long, and right above my bedroom! He sews all night and all morning. I asked that he stop, but he only moved his machine across the room, so I can still hear him.

(I’m loving this lady more than I can handle. Her honesty is exactly what you hope for in this situation. I could feel her disgust.)

Move to the kitchen:
Me: Really? Wow, I’m so sorry. How about the back porch?
Ruth: Oh, it’s so messy, I never use it. And they just put this radiator back in too. It was soo cold in here! And they took so long to put it back in.

She continues on about the old wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom and how it’s been there since before she moved in (12 years ago). She also rants on about how cold it was when they converted her place from radiator to forced air. “They took so long and it was sooo cold.” I’m now convinced that this place will not work out and start to say my thanks and goodbyes.

Out of nowhere she turns to my wife and starts asking her about whether or not she’s a practicing Christian, and whether or not she goes to church every Sunday – “because if you don’t, you’re going to end up down there” – as she points towards hell. She then tells us about a church she belonged to back in the day, but unfortunately she had to switch to a different church “because of the gays”. My wife and I look at each other, shocked, and strangely amused, and begin our “Ok thank you and have a great day” speech and get the hell out of there.

All of it turned out to be pretty funny, as I can tolerate folks from that generation and their views because, well, we ain’t gonna change them and they’re just spouting out what they believe. She’s certainly no harm to anyone, unless she talks that way around her grandkids. Either way, she definitely helped us make up our minds and pass on the place. So now the search continues….hopefully I’ll have more stories like this soon.

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