Ghostface and Lupe at HOB Friday Night!!!


Yes, this is St. Patty’s party weekend in Chicago, and you know what that means: amateurs, frat boys and dipshits invade and occupy nearly every bar in the city. How to avoid this horrible, horrible plight? Why, Ghostface and Lupe at the HOB, of course!

This should be a hot show- Ghostface is out on the road promoting his forthcoming joint “Fishscale,” which features the charming hit “Kilo” (“All around the world today/The kilo is the measure/A kilo is a thousand grams/Easy to remember”). It’s like a science lesson and an ode to the ‘caine all in one!

Chitown rapper Lupe Fiasco is riding the buzz from his mixtape, “Fahrenheit 1/15: Revenge of the Nerds Pt. 2,” straight to the muthafuckin’ top and will drop his debut album “Food & Liquor” in the fall. I’ve been listening to Lupe’s mixtape pretty much non-stop since I found it and posted about it here. I like his mix of soul, nerdiness, humor, self-deprecation and anti-gangsta stance- it’s uncommon on the hip-hop world.

Let’s hope the Ghostface set doesn’t descend into an all-out melee as did his last show at Joe’s (that’s what you get for booking a show at frat boy central, Theodore).

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