The Txt Msg Hall of Fame: A Contender Emerges


Last week, I debuted the Txt Msg Hall of Fame– what I hoped would become a recurring feature on the blog. Of course, to become a recurring feature requires input from readers, so I put up the post, sat back and waited.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long for a true contender to the TMHOF to emerge: long-time Metblogs reader and commenter Katie came through with a slew of real doozies. Not as foul and vulgar as my buddy Mike’s from last week, but truly entertaining in a hilarious and head-scratching way nonetheless. It’s hard to imagine the context in which some of these messages were sent, which makes them all the more amusing.

Without further ado, here are this week’s entries into the TMHOF! Thanks Katie!

“Just photoshopped a viking hat onto the naked Katie in my head”

More after the jump…

“my roomie has the clap”

“We’re gonna party hard and I’m gonna do the freckle kissing”

“26 inches of snow. people above me having sex. going to fall over.”

“Gay bingo?”

“I’ve been talking about all my orgasms and everyone is jealous”

“the only way to drink PBR is in a can…or a funnel”

“I’m jealous that it’ll take you less time to swim to Canada”

“Note to self: I am too old to be hanging out at a bar full of 20
year olds. Also, must stop insulting drunk guys on the street…”

“Happy new year. Let’s make pretty babies!”

Keep sending in those txt msgs to me at! I’ll make you famous!

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