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It’s ALL after the flip…

A few weeks ago, I made fun of Rudy, but wow, he really came through last night, laying his pathetic little life on the line in order to save CTU. And, his nerve toxin-induced death throes were pretty damn believable. You know Rudy had to have been kicking himself at the unfairness of it all- Jack Bauer breaks the law, tortures, kills and makes a joke of the Constitution on a weekly basis, yet Rudy gets screwed and ultimately killed because he lost his keycard.

I missed last week’s 2-hour episode, and I was not able to find a rebroadcast (or “encore presentation” in network parlance- it’s a much more elegant euphemism than “rerun.”). I was so focused on not seeing spoilers that I didn’t even read the comments to my own “24 Open Thread” last week. So I was basically screwed, although I did read the minute-by-minute episode guide online, and the “previously on ’24’ montage” that kicked off last night’s show got me up to speed.

To recap:
– Kim Bauer is back and getting freaky with her therapist. Men everywhere are disappointed that Kim has not yet been put in a situation that requires jogging.

– Edgar dies when CTU is hit with the nerve toxin. For a character that’s been with the show as long as Edgar, they really gave him a really crappy death, or, to borrow a Metallicaism, “death-style.” Was it just me or did it seem like Edgar was coming back from to his desk from the vending machine, or perhaps a large dump, when the toxin hit? Sheesh, the least they coulda done was let the guy go out in a blaze of glory.

– Tony regains consciousness and immediately sets his sights on some killin’. He is dissuaded but eventually dies himself. The body count is getting out of hand this season!

– The Vice President FINALLY shows up for work. If this guy is supposed to be so fucking ambitious, why did it take him till episode 12 to show up?

– Oh, and don’t miss the latest “24” poll (I promise I’m not making this up):
“Did you feel as bad as Jack did about Tony’s death?
o I felt the same way.
o Actually, I felt worse.
o My feelings could never compare to Jack’s anguish.”

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